A Traveling Heart

One of my most favorite things to do is travel. I love going pretty much anywhere and everywhere! I still have tons and tons of places I would like to go. In the last couple of years I have gotten the chance to go to some amazing places near me and in other states! I thought I would share some photos of past trips I have gone on!

IMG_0448IMG_7449IMG_0334IMG_0414Universal studios and Disneyland!!! I am in love with both of these places! I have been lucky enough to go to Disneyland many times and love it more and more every time!


IMG_8236IMG_8212IMG_8533IMG_8803 Disneyworld!! Keeping with the Disney theme here and confessing how much I LOVE Disneyworld!! I have been there once before and actually have a trip coming up soon! Can’t wait to go again! Such a fun experience with the best friends and boyfriend ever! We went for five days and went to every park and were happy and exhausted after.

IMG_2231IMG_0114IMG_0199IMG_0345IMG_0349IMG_2226Hawaii….you are a dream! I went to Hawaii for the first time last August and want to go back there every. single. day.  We went on a helicopter ride and got to see sea turtles and go zip lining and so much more! And don’t get me started on the luau’s! The luau was by far my favorite night and I can’t wait to go back! Such a beautiful place to explore and get lost! My friends and I went for 10 days and I could have stayed another 20!


IMG_4578IMG_4591IMG_4463IMG_4664Cruise to Mexico!! Talk about the most relaxing vacation ever. All I had to do was….nothing! And it was amazing. I’m pretty sure I could just retire now and go on cruises forever! Wakeup, eat, relax, look at pretty things, nap, swim, gamble, eat, sunbathe, and REPEAT!  And the best thing to do at night is go watch karaoke… just do it!




IMG_5277And last but not least VEGAS! And let me tell you.. it’s crazy and I love it! We went to see Nitro Circus live which was amazing all on its own! We got to meet Jolene and if you know Nitro Circus then you know how amazing that was! The rest of the time we walked around and had a great time looking at all the casinos and having drinks at Margaritaville. At night we got all fancy and lived it up! We only went for two days and I was exahusted.  But loved every minute.


No matter where I have gone I have loved something about every place! Traveling is an amazing experience and if possible something everyone should do at some point in their life! Can’t wait to share my future travels!

xo, Kaitlyn



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