Workouts and Cute Outfits

I never feel better then after a really great workout. I just have to do that workout in the first place. I try and workout at least 4 days a week. Sometimes I do more then that and feel awesome, and sometimes I don’t even get close. When I workout I have some key workouts I always go to. My number one workout is usually running. Nothing beats a really good run. Even though it’s hard it is so rewarding. Then I like to add in some weights and my current obsession is kettlebell workouts. Not only is it great for your whole body but it’s cardio and really gets your heart pumping. When I can’t get to the gym and just feel like doing something at home thats always what I do.

IMG_0884Some other weight workouts I like to do include squats and lunges with weights, and some pushup type moves with weights, because what girl doesn’t want great arms!



And who doesn’t want some cute workout clothes?? I love comfortable breathable outfits when working out.  Something I don’t have to feel restricted in. And when I have something fun to wear it makes me want to work out even more.

Tank top from Gap and shorts from Target.

What are your favorite workouts to do? I’m always trying to find fun new workouts to mix it up! I would love to hear!

xo, Kaitlyn


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