Weekend Happenings

IMG_9427 IMG_9439

Some of my favorite weekends are the weekends we do a whole lot of relaxing. We love going out to fun places to eat and a new favorite is Knee Deep Brewery. They have really fun and different beers and for a fun twist they don’t serve food but they have different food trucks come on site so you are able to get something to eat and bring it in while there. So far we have seen hot dog trucks, a wood burning pizza truck, and tacos. I can’t wait to try more! When you walk in they also have seat yourself seating and it is all picnic tables which gives it a nice relaxed feel. And while sitting there you can enjoy some fun board games and cards they leave out for everyone to pick from and play! Such a fun and different idea!

IMG_9569 IMG_9573

And to keep on the food train another fun thing to do is go to brunch…who doesn’t love brunch? I love sleeping in and still getting breakfast food to eat. We went to the Alehouse which is another fun brewery in town and happens to be pretty much my favorite place ever. The highlight was my mimosa… and of course my cute brunch date!

IMG_9653 IMG_9660

And to end this post on all food related things we got a grill! It is my new obsession and for the past two weekends been trying new stuff to grill. So far we have had the basics. Burgers, hot dogs and chicken. But man is it amazing! After not having a grill for a while you miss it! Our favorite thing so far is grilling chicken for cobb salad. And even though I am not the one grilling I still benefit from Nick’s love for it!

What do you guys like doing on the weekend? Any favorite restaurants in your area?


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