Refreshing Weekend 

I learned something this weekend and it was a very fun lesson to learn! Sometimes I get so caught up in what needs to get done around the house or what errands I need to run that I stress out and don’t fully enjoy the fun things I am doing. Sometimes you just need to relax and not worry about anything on the weekends. There will always be house work, errands to run and things to do but sometimes you have to forget it all and let loose! This past weekend my boyfriend and I were house sitting for his family and we had a friend coming into town at the same time too. A group of us all got together and spent most of the night dancing, talking, drinking and enjoying each others company…. Until the very wee hours of the morning. What’s amazing is not worrying about the next day and just relaxing and letting myself sleep in.

Saturday was spent laying by the pool and our only worry was what was for dinner that night! Our two best friends came over and talked about some of our favorite childhood memories. My boyfriend’s mom makes amazing jewelry and while the two of us girls could not stop oohing and awing over it, the boys were having their life/man talks solving all the worlds problems. I felt like a little girl again wanting to play dress up in their moms closet! We decided on margaritas and whipped up some nachos for dinner and spent the rest of the night playing all the games we could find in their game cabinet. Our favorite game: Uno Attack!  How did I not remember how fun that game was?! Especially while blasting 90’s music and remembering all those middle school dances and dance moves!

I finished off the weekend enjoying some sister time laughing at funny youtube videos and then going home to my boyfriend and having homemade pizza. Night made.

We have plenty of time to worry about what needs to get done and guess what… those chores were still waiting for me come Monday morning and that is okay!


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