Girl’s night, Butter Beer, and Pizza Oh My!

Girls nights are something I didn’t really get into until recently. Sure, girl’s nights would happen but lately I’ve had one planned every Tuesday. It works out great because I go over to my friend’s house and her boyfriend goes over to my house to have a guy’s night! These nights originally started and revolved around the show Bachelor in Paradise, such a guilty pleasure! We would get together, make dinner and watch it with of course, a cocktail of choice. Since the show ended a couple weeks ago we wanted to keep the fun going, so we started thinking of new ideas! Last week we had a blogging night which consisted of homemade burgers, sweet potato wedge fries, vodka tonics and watching old reruns of the hills while blogging and bouncing ideas off each other. On this week’s agenda: A Harry Potter Inspired Exstravaganza!

  Everything needed for Butter Beer!

    Homemade pizza…need I say more? Amazing.
   We enjoyed our butter beer and pizza while watching the Harry Potter movies! To be honest, not much watching got done…we love to talk! Such a fun night with amazing friends! Girls nights are good for the soul!


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