Morning Hacks

 Whether I’m trying to fit in a workout before going to work or need a couple more minutes of sleep, sometimes I just don’t have a lot of time to spare, especially if that alarm is set extra early. I start work at 7:30am and never would have labeled myself as a morning person. I’m not the girl at the office with my hair curled and cute everyday with perfectly put together outfits, wearing jewelry.. the whole package. I just try my best to get put together and be on time! However, with a few easy hacks I have actually learned to really enjoy the mornings and not stress.

Preparing my meals for the week is one way I help myself not stress in the early morning. The night before work I will put together my breakfast, snacks and lunch so when I get up I just get to grab it and go. As for my breakfast, I just warm it in the microwave at work and have a nice warm breakfast without the worry of making it that same morning! No worrying about having to skip it completely if I’m running late.  Before going to bed I will also get my gym bag ready and my outfit picked out!  With that time opened up, I get to spend more time getting ready. I mix together my morning green smoothie first and workout, (which is usually a quick run or workout video) then take a quick shower; or I jump straight into getting ready if no workout is in the forecast. If I do workout, I throw my hair up in a braid to save even more time on styling. If not, I get right into doing my makeup because I’d showered the night before.

    Taking the time to do my makeup is my favorite part of the morning! I sit in front of my mirror and watch something I like or listen to music, its important to make that “me” time before the crazy day ahead! Sometimes we get so rushed in the morning that by the time we get to our location, we are frazzled… sometimes cranky…which is totally me when I don’t slow down and relax!

What are some of your morning hacks? Anything you do to help your morning be more enjoyable I would love to hear!


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