Expectation vs. Reality: Being An Adult

Expectation: Being able to eat ice cream/dessert whenever you want. Before dinner, for breakfast, before bed… whenever!

Reality: Never even buying ice cream. When it’s in the house, you’re usually telling yourself not to eat it anymore because you just don’t need it…which then usually ends up in you craving it, and eating the whole thing. Especially while binge watching a Netflix series and then regretting all the decisions later that night when you have the worst stomach ache of your life… or are looking pregnant the next morning.

Expectation: Moving out and being free! No one to tell you what to do or when to do it! Freedom at last! Take out the garbage? Never! Not if I don’t want to! Clean my room? Ha! I wont have to then!

Reality: You clean. Way more then you ever had to before because little did you know, when you were little your parents were giving you the SMALLEST tasks while they handled everything else. This is now why I literally have one plant… remembering to water that sucker is work enough. I had a basil plant for 2 weeks and killed it. I remind myself of this when I think I want a cat…

Expectation: Office work and typing is the coolest thing ever! You’re telling me adults get to go to an office every day and type all day long?! How did they get so lucky??

Reality: Rude customers, long days, and annoying office antics that I can usually do without. Please let me go back to elementary school where my biggest worry was what boy to like next or if my favorite lunch would still be available by the time it was my turn in line.

Expectation: I can go anywhere! I am going to travel the world! Hello… adults can do whatever they want.

Reality: Sure… this is kind of true. Pretty awesome in fact… although I never thought about how much money that the traveling I wanted to do would cost so much. This makes that job I mentioned earlier, annoyingly mandatory. Oh! Also mandatory to keep that house I have clean constantly as well.

Expectation: Boys… they’re hot and you think they will always sweep you off your feet and prince charming is right around that bend of adult hood!

Reality: Ha… yeah right. Even though I totally lucked out on this one, I had to kiss some frogs before I got to him. Even now, I really understand the saying that girls grow up faster than boys, because my girlfriends and I definitely laugh and feel like our guys are our kids sometimes.

Honestly I do think being an adult is pretty awesome. A lot of great things come with age, I just don’t think my younger self thought about any of that stuff.


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