A Birthday Getaway By The River  

My boyfriend Nick’s mom had her birthday this past weekend and celebrate we did! Their family has a cabin north of where we live, so we went up there to celebrate for the weekend. It was his mom, dad, sister Ashley and her boyfriend Scott and they are some of my most favorite people. The cabin/house is right on the river and I don’t know if I’ve had a more relaxing weekend as of late. We ate good food, had great drinks and laughed the whole weekend long. Board games were played, along with music and even some dancing. To start our weekend a group of us went for a run around town to soak in the beautiful crisp morning. After we enjoyed mimosas, which were well deserved, the rest of the day was spent doing whatever the hell we wanted. How come every weekend isn’t like that? I will leave you with some snapshots of the beautiful weekend. Also, please note the root beer floats…which had actual alcoholic root beer…they were just as amazing as they sound!




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