Fitness Friday #3: Motivation! 

Motivation is something I struggle with most regarding fitness. It’s so easy to find something else to do and either say you don’t have time or disregard the thought of working out/eating healthy completely. My whole life I have been one of two ways. I’m either extremely motivated and nothing can stop me or, I have no motivation at all and eat whatever I really fell like. I’m sure a lot of you would agree that sometimes that is just how it goes. I would fluctuate in weight and could never keep it off. I would lose 15 pounds just to end up putting 20 back on once that diet stopped, I was always like that until this year. Losing all the extra weight and making it a lifestyle completely changed my yo-yo dieting mind set; I’ve been able to maintain my weight for about five months now. It feels so great to get to a place in my life where it doesn’t feel like a huge struggle.

Get up and move that body.  Yes, this will not always happen. Some mornings you really do just need more sleep, or that bed is just too comfy to get out of so early. Even when it feels hard to get up a half hour to an hour earlier, push yourself! You will never regret it! Taking time to wake up and do something good for you is so worth it! It also sets the mood for the rest of the day. You just did that great thing for your body, therefore you’re less likely to then eat something bad. It helps keep you on track the whole day and on track to meet your goals. Another plus about getting a workout done in the morning is if you get swamped later that day or some unexpected plans come up, you don’t have to find time to workout or feel guilty about skipping the whole day because it’s already done!

HYDRATE! This is huge. I know so many people say that but that’s because it’s true. For me, the week days are easy; I always have water at my desk and force myself to drink it. The weekends are much more difficult because I get busy and forget to drink water. I feel so much better when I am drinking the right amount of water my body needs. Not to mention it helps keep your skin hydrated. Chapped lips or dry skin? Drink more water!!!

Switch it up. 
Don’t let yourself get bored! I try everything from running, HIIT workouts, stair master, elliptical, kettlebell and beyond! Don’t be afraid to switch it up! Just get that body moving and you wont regret it! I can honestly say I’ve never had a workout that I have regretted doing. It’s amazing for your body to not always be doing the same workout every single day.

Connect with someone. Grab a friend and get moving! Whether that be a family member, friend, or even someone through social media! I have a Tone It Up Instagram and those girls are amazingly supportive and motivating! Having someone that supports you or even better wants to workout and eat healthy right along with you can make all the difference. I live with my boyfriend and lucky for me we started getting healthy together; he loves the meals I cook (or at least he says he does!) and works out as well. It’s such great motivation because we can support each other on the days one of us really isn’t into it. He helps pump me up for workouts, sometimes when I am really just not feeling it he is so helpful and vise versa. He also is there to help when those cravings kick in! We know when to let ourselves have a treat and when to tell the other person we just don’t need it!

Make it happen
! Honestly, if you can’t get up early in the morning due to certain factors then make it work for you! Sometimes we just have to do what we gotta do! I know sometimes I can get very busy after work and it is easier for me to skip a workout then, so I love to use my hour-long lunch break at work to get a great workout in. I bring a gym bag and go running outside, I even do printable workouts at the park close by. No excuses! Just gotta get out there whenever you can! I love using that time because otherwise I would just be sitting around.

Any things you guys do to stay motivated? I love hearing tips and advice!  Happy Friday!


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