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Ballin’ On A Budget

This week I’m traveling to New York for the first time! I am beyond excited! I’m going with my boyfriend Nick, one of my best friends Allison and her boyfriend Mike. With my trip right around the corner I can’t stop thinking about what I am going to wear! I’ve been dreaming of cute boots and chunky sweaters. I’ve always had a huge summer wardrobe, and am usually very drawn to tank tops and shorts so I find myself stocking up on them easily. One thing I realized this year was I have no fall/ winter wardrobe. I actually moved up north two years ago and it gets much colder here. I used to live in the bay area where it doesn’t get that cold so I never really had the need to stock up on those items. When I first moved here, my boyfriend got me a super cute snow/winter jacket, however I’m still lacking in any cute lightweight jackets, boots and sweaters! I’ve had the same pair of black boots for three years and when we moved in together last winter he finally made me get rid of them because they really weren’t serving their purpose! They had holes in the bottom, so wearing them in the rain was no option. How sad is that?! The past couple weeks I’ve spent time picking out some cute pieces to wear in New York and also to grow this non existent fall wardrobe I have. Let me tell you, it is so fun! I did find however it’s very expensive and with a vacation on the horizon I can’t afford to spend everything on new outfits. I made it my mission to find cute and affordable pieces to add to my closet. I do realize it is good to splurge sometimes on key pieces that will last a long time but sometimes that is not always an option. If you make it a point to take care of your clothing with some of my tips you can make them last even if they are not a higher quality brand name piece of clothing.    

Boots from Just Fab. They are a great site and are always having great deals. I got two pairs of boots for my trip, they were very affordable. They usually even have deals for buying two pairs of boots. They have very good deals on free shipping as well. I chose to express ship my boots to make sure they got here on time and was pleased to find out it was only $8 and they got to me within a couple days! Can’t beat it. They also have been so comfortable. Can’t wait to be walking around in New York with these!

Sweaters and Jeans from Forever 21 and Walmart. Guys. Walmart has some super cute stuff for such affordable prices! Jeans for $14 and they are not cheap looking or thin fabric! Amazing if you are on a budget and wanting to get super cute stuff. For the record, my friend told me about how much cute stuff she gets from Walmart and I have to say… you can never tell when it is or isn’t. Cute is cute and it doesn’t matter the label!

These are just a few of the new things I got for my trip and I can not wait to post all the fun outfits in New York and all about the trip! Let me know what your favorite fall and winter piece are and if you have found any great deals at the stores you go to! I am still keeping my eye out for cute things to grab! Also, let me know if you have ever been to New York and any tips you have or places I should go. I’ve never been before and would love to hear! Happy Shopping!


5 thoughts on “Ballin’ On A Budget

  1. I haven’t been on justfab’s site yet. Not shopping anyway. I have horrible luck with shoes. They all ALL turn on me. I’ll try them on and then they’re super uncomfortable later. I am getting a stitch fix box next week and I requested cute booties for trail walking in the mountains in California during Thxgiving. Crossing my fingers I’ll like them.

    Have fun in NY! I always wanted to go there 🙂

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    1. Thanks! So have I! Still doesn’t feel real that I will be there in just a few days!
      I know what you mean about shoes though:( They can be so difficult!! So far I have had a lot of luck with just fab. Keeping my fingers crossed the boots I got stay comfortable while walking a lot on my trip! I hope the shoes you get from stitch fix turn out! My friend just recently got her first box and now I totally want to try! So fun!!

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