Apple Orchard Adventure! 

Fall. I really, really love you and I never realized it until now! The cool weather, clothes, boots, trips and apple orchards! I. Love. It. All. My boyfriend and I went with my friend Allison and her boyfriend to Apple Hill this past weekend and it was so fun. I have to be honest though, I did not see one freaking apple. Not for lack there of, just purely the fact that we landed at the Jack Russell Farm Brewery & Winery. An amazing brewery! Once we were there we couldn’t get ourselves to leave until it was time to go home. One thing we loved about this brewery is its all outside. So, unlike a restaurant where you have to wait to be seated, you just walk up and find a table. They have tons of tables all across a lawn, and vendors are set up around you selling jewelry and fun foods. Once seated, you can go inside and either pick from a beer, hard cider or my choice: the sampler! This particular brewery has you get in line and grab a cute tray with a paper on top that has four circles on it plus a list of all fifteen beers they have on draft in the middle. You then grab a pen and write the numbers of the beers you want and they fill it with what you’ve requested. My friend and I picked different beers so we could share. We then got to enjoy our time sitting outside in the beautiful orchard and hang out. I was so ready for fall but California has just not gotten it together yet! We were hoping to get to wear our cute outfits with boots, but instead wore tank tops and shorts. I really can’t complain though because it was a beautiful day!

First pumpkin spice latte EVER. Yes I said it! Surprisingly not that bad… I for some reason thought it was going to be AWFUL! Even though everyone is obsessed with them, I’m not on that level but it was definitely good!


This will absolutely be a new fall tradition! I’ll also be going back again this year for sure! Any fun places you guys like to go in the fall or traditions you have for this time of year?


6 thoughts on “Apple Orchard Adventure! 

  1. Oh. My. Gosh! I grew up in Sacramento and we went to Apple Hill every year. I think of it every fall and I moved to OC twenty years ago when i was 11, and now Houston and no one ever knew where it was until now! I’m experiencing FOMO! Have fun and thanks for your post 🙂

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