Halloween In New York: Expectations

Halloween is right around the corner and I’m going to be taking it all in from New York! I’ve always loved halloween; something about this spook-tacular holiday makes me giddy! The decorations, the costumes and CANDY! My love for halloween absolutely started when I was younger. My mom loves decorating and would always make the house so fun and festive. We would go to the pumpkin patch and pick out our very own pumpkins. Then, I got to pick out a super fun costume and would wear it around constantly. At my elementary school on Halloween or the friday before Halloween, we would have a parade for all the classes to show off their costumes. The rest of the day would be spent playing games and watching movies…winner! In the afternoons parents were invited to the school and the kids would get out early for fun and games! We could win pumpkins and take fun pictures with our friends; for a kid it was the equivelent of an exciting night on the town, or at least to me it was! On halloween we would go out with all my friends and their parents in a large group and trick or treat all around our neighborhood collecting as much candy as we could. Finally, when I would get home I got to sit on the floor and sort all my candy out; I also got to have a piece or two that night! Fast forward several years and Halloween is a bit different now. At 24 I’m not trick or treating and only dress up on occasion. This year since I will be in New York, I skipped on the decorations at home since we will be gone a good chunk of the time. Even though it doesn’t feel very festive at home I can not wait to experience Halloween in New York! I thought it would be fun to do a post with my predictions on how I think Halloween in New York will be. Then when I get back I will do a post on how Halloween ACTUALLY was. So lets get to it!

-The costumes will be on two ends of the specturm, either amazing and elaborate or very very weird.

-EVERYTHING is going to be packed! More than usual. Just costumed people everywhere headed to parties!

-I don’t know why but I imagine tons of kids running around with full size candy bars….

-I feel like I am going to see TONS of drunk Donald Trumps and Left Shark ala Katy Perry.

-Costume contests everywhere!

-I keep reading about a pumpkin festival in Central Park… It looks freaking magical and I hope it’s a real thing!

I can’t wait to come back and share all of my stories from Halloween night! I would love to hear any fun Halloween stories you guys may have or if you have experienced Halloween in New York!


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