Fitness Friday #5: Vacation Fit Tips

While being in New York, I got to thinking about how much easier it is to follow my eating plan and workout regularly when I am at home. When I’m in my element and on my regular schedule theres nothing new to bump me off-track. Vacations are exciting and one of my most favorite things but they absolutely throw me off schedule. You have to enjoy yourself when on vacation, especially in a new place, but that doesn’t always mean going nuts and having crazy guilt the minute you return home to real life. You bet I am going to be enjoying my share of pizza, bagels, street hot dogs and awesome restaurants; but, I will also be watching what I’m eating and eating till I am full, not till everything is off my plate. I’m going to give you tips on how to enjoy your vacation to its fullest while staying active and on track so you can enjoy yourself fully.

Staying active can make all the difference on vacation. While in New York this is easy because of all the walking. So. Much. Walking. If you’re on a more relaxed vacation hit up the local gym at the hotel or spend some time outside enjoying wherever you are! 30 minutes a day will get you feeling vibrant and really soak in the relaxation of your vacation! Especially if you’re enjoying vacation while in a bathing suit this will be just the boost you need to feel awesome and rock it!

Following the 80 – 20 rule. It’s just as simple as it sounds! Sticking to a healthier diet and making better choices for your body 80% of the time, while eating out and enjoying yourself the other 20%. Life is all about balance. Especially on vacations, don’t be afraid to indulge every once in a while. I also try and focus on eating till I’m full, not till my plate is cleared. This way you enjoy what you want without stuffing yourself. This will all help you not enjoy the whole entire vacation because you won’t feel deprived.

This year I started bringing some of my own foods on trips with me. I did this when I went to Disneyland in May and it worked out so well! Not only do you get to control more of what you’re eating but you save money! Saving money is always a winner in my book. We packed a cooler and had egg muffins for breakfast, snacks and sandwich stuff all ready to go. In New York we’re actually renting an apartment so we went shopping when we got here and got just a few staples so we didn’t have to rely on going out for every meal.

Whether I’m at home or on vacation I also track my food on an app. For this, I would say give it a shot but don’t be super strict. At home I use it and track everything I eat. On vacation I use it as a gage to make sure I am where I want to be. Definitely not something to stress over because making good decisions is more than good enough. Apps like this sometimes just aren’t for everyone. I say give it a shot if you haven’t yet!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Just like I mentioned in my Motivation post it really is important and will make all the difference. Drink up buttercup!

Lastly, enjoy yourself! This is vacation…live a little!


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