Crafty AF

I recently went with my mom to a craft fair and I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome! It finally feels like fall; we had a relaxing day together finding awesome decorations for our houses, walking around finding a ton of amazing crafts and art work. It was at our local fair grounds and I can’t wait to go to the next one too! If you want cute, affordable and original stuff for your house or ideas for some, definitely check one out by you! After, we went to lunch at a country club by us. It was the perfect day and we got to sit outside, we were the only ones there besides a wedding going on and a couple golfers! Sounds fancy, but it was actually very relaxing; we shared some beers and bbq! Half way through our first beer it started to rain on us so we switched to under an awning and enjoyed the beautiful weather! It was a gorgeous day with one of my favorite people. Once home I got to put up a couple of my new decorations and went on a MAJOR cleaning spree. I love a good clean house!!! Here are a couple photos of our Saturday out!

Have you ever been to a craft fair or something of the sort? I’m hoping I’m not the only one loving it! Also, keep an eye out for some fun New York posts coming soon!! 


17 thoughts on “Crafty AF

  1. I looove craft fairs. And beer and bbq, lol. Your day sounds pretty awesome. It’s always fun to walk around and see the things people make. Even when I don’t buy anything, I always enjoy going!

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    1. Thanks!! Those are definitely some of my favorite things! Haha. I totally agree! I was able to find some great things, but even just walking around and checking it out is totally worth it and so much fun!:)

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