Long Distance Relationships

I was in a long distance relationship for two and a half years. Sometimes they can be amazing and sometimes they can be a relationships death sentence. More than likely you or someone you have known has been in a long distance relationship before. There are all different forms of long distance. Whether you met that way and start off long distance, meet at school and then have to go long distance, one of you joins the military, or a job makes this distance happen. One thing I’ve learned: No distance is greater then another’s.

Nick and I met in June of 2010. I was his cousin’s best friend and we happened to meet at a family function. We lived about 3 hours from each other and after that one night of hanging out I could not get him out of my mind. I was never like that with boys. I never saw one and then just pinned for them for months, weeks, even days. With nick it was different; after two years of no communication and just hearing about him from my friend I finally made a move. The dorkiest move I could have made, but who cares! I added him on an app called Draw with Friends. Remember that one? Yeah…. We started drawing back and forth and then eventually started chatting on the app and then texting. We eventually got together in person at a concert that his friends came down for that was in my town. A couple weeks later I made my first trip up to his house for the weekend, and the rest was history!


We officially started dating in May of 2012 and have been dating for almost three and a half years now. We stayed long distance for 2.5 years of our relationship. I will tell you that distance is distance no matter how you split it. Hundreds or thousands of miles away, it doesn’t matter. They still aren’t there. You still miss time with them, you still get lonely and it’s still hard but there are ways to help that.

I completely believe long distance is not only possible but rewarding as well; if both parties involved love each other and are committed to making it work, it will. Yes, it’s not for everyone…but not every relationship is meant to last. Distance is hard yes, and I will be honest saying of course there were tears and sadness but also so much happiness. Our relationship is better now because of it. We now have been living together for almost a year and we never take our time together for granted. We still say “Wow I’m so happy I don’t have to leave tomorrow like I used to and go back home.” We have the best communication, understand each other through and through; I can tell him anything… he is honestly my best friend. We learned how to talk to each other which I believe is a lost art. Even though we live together we never run out of things to say. Big or little everything is important when you care for someone, that also comes hand in hand with silence. When its been a long day we love to just sit with each other, watch something and feel completely okay with that; not having to fill the space with sound, just to be comfortable. We would go weeks without seeing each other sometimes but we would always talk every single day. We made our visits on the weekends special and made every second count, even if that was just sitting on the couch playing games and watch Friends all night long.

Another tip I would give is enjoy your time when you’re not with them. Don’t wish away the time until you see them again. Sure, you’re going to miss them but you have life going on around you that is just as important. Enjoy time with your family and friends, most importantly… yourself. Love your life and let that special someone be an amazing part of it, without letting it consume every single thought. Easier said than done I know but I can honestly say I did enjoy my time when I wasn’t with nick. It gave us time to really work on ourselves; become strong independent people and appreciate one another more. At the end of the day, if something is wrong or you feel like you aren’t getting enough out of this relationship talk to them! Don’t be afraid. It will only make you guys stronger, and the time apart easier if you both understand each other and know each others needs.

If you’ve never been in a long distance relationship, don’t rule them out because they can be amazing! Let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear! Monday I’ll be back with another New York post! Stay tuned:) Happy Friday!


16 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationships

  1. Cutest couple ever! I love your post Kaitlyn. I agree, if the feelings are there, the apps and the distance won’t make a difference. I admire your ability to keep it going. I would totally make a move on app lol but I’m old and haven’t had game in like 10 years so yeah haha! But Taye Diggs randomly started following me on Twitter so maybe I got my groove back after all…ROFL!

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  2. Before I was married, my husband and I did long distance for quite some time. You are 100% right. When you are in a serious long distance relationship your communication game is always up to par. You really learn to listen and share — because that’s all you can do from far away. All of your pics are really cute. And I LOVED Draw W/ Friends. Great game lol

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  3. Awww you two are adorable together- ya’ll look like a great couple! Long distance is hard, I can relate- my husband is in the Military and for the first few years he luckily never had to leave- until we moved to Germany this past year and now he is gone a lot! Glad you two are living together now and don’t have to be long distance anymore😀

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