Bitch Slapped By Reality

Getting back to reality after a vacation can be both nice and a big downer.  It felt good to get back home after being gone for 10 days, relaxing at home, sleeping in my own bed… so nice! We landed back home on Sunday evening and man did it feel like I got slapped back into reality. This was when the downside kicked in; when we got home it was 5:30pm, but because of the fall time change, it was actually 6:30pm, and on top of that, because we were still on New York time it felt like 9:30pm. We. Were. Pooped. How is flying so tiring?!? My dad picked us up from the airport and once we finally got home, had to hop in our car and go straight to the grocery store! Crazy, I know, but we had to do it! We had nothing in the house to eat since we were gone so long! So, we were both really excited to be able to make our own food and not eat out. We had a simple dinner consisting of chicken sandwiches and mac n’cheese (hello… so good!) because this girl wanted to do the least amount of cooking possible. Then, we pretty much fell asleep on the couch right after eating.

Monday morning was here before we knew it, and work begun! One thing I will say is, when you have a lot to catch up on at work the day does go by fast. However, it was a rude awakening that on this bright and early Monday morning people were already waiting for me at my desk when I arrived. I took a couple measures to get through the day (i.e. coffee, leftover halloween candy and looking at vacation photos whenever I got a chance!). To top it all off I received an awful head cold as my welcome home gift. Gotta love it!  I felt it coming on the last couple days of our trip but thought it would pass…it didn’t. What a way to get back to it! Oh! Don’t forget about that laundry…all that damn laundry.  One thing I am so happy about is I deep cleaned the whole house before leaving on vacation so it was nice and clean when we got home!

  Very accurate representation of what we felt like getting back home.

   This chocolate was so necessary… Also, hello major under-eye bags!!

I’m finally starting to feel normal this week and the first thing on my to-do list is: workout! With getting back home and then feeling like death last week no workouts got done! I did however watch a TON of this show called Jane the Virgin, have any of you seen it?! Im obsessed! It’s drama-filled and so funny! It totally kept me preoccupied while laying on the couch every night, all I wanted to do was find out what happens next! How do you guys back to normal after vacation?


10 thoughts on “Bitch Slapped By Reality

    1. Haha yesssss. I totally relate! I only originally signed up cause my friend Allison went there haha. I’ve actually started running at lunch because I’m stuck at work anyways so it almost feels like getting out of it cause I’m not spending “my” time doing it lol


  1. This is definitely the worst part about a trip.. re-adjusting to real life when coming home!! Like you I am known to drink lots of coffee, and having a few (at least) lazy nights after getting back to work… I never like to push myself to get back into my full routine right away. I haven’t watched Jane the Virgin but have heard TONS of good things!

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one!! I definitely took my sweet time getting back into my routine lol. I’ve been back almost a week and a half and am just now getting back haha. You should totally watch it!! After like two episodes I was hooked!! I have been texting all my friends asking if they watch it because it’s totally that kind of show you want to talk to people about!!

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  2. Ahh, flying IS so tiring. I have to agree with you. It’s not even like you do much, besides, you know… get patted down by a surly TSA woman and sitting on your butt the whole way home. But, the jet lag is real. Good luck getting back to normal life. It sucks, doesn’t it? lol

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