Fitness Friday #6: Getting Back To It!

I’m about to get real honest. I have been TOTALLY SLACKING the last couple of weeks! Before New York I was working out pretty well but I had to miss a couple because I was needing to get things done before we left. On top of that Nick was sick and I needed to help him with stuff he also needed to do before leaving. (Yes, partially excuses but whatever) While in New York I didn’t do any workouts besides walking around NYC, miles and miles every day. Literally, we averaged 7 miles a day. This was great because we definitely stayed active, I didn’t feel bad about not doing a specific workout because I was still being active! Right when we arrived home I was excited to get back to my normal workouts and runs, but then sickness hit… and then laziness hit. Double whammy! So, we end up here, with 2 weeks technically off from working out and man is it hard to get back sometimes! I am happy to report I have been back at it this week and FEELING IT! My body is so sore but the good kind where you come home and night and know you did something really good for your body! I have some major goals I would like to hit before New Years, my eyes are on the prize! I’m not going to lie though…we’re having our friends over for a UFC fight party and you best believe I’m gonna be having me some wings! Moderation!  However, things that will be off the list for me are sweets (major downfall lately) and fast food. I’ll be on a cruise with Nick’s family during New Years and well, that’s a bathing suit vacation… I want to feel great! Also, I want to already be in the workout mode so I continue that on vacation there. (A free gym is on the boat) Last year I literally did nothing but lay around in a cabana, eat buffet foods and drink. A lot. Which is fun to do on vacation, and much needed once and a while; this time I just need to add some activity into my daily schedule! We were all making bets on how much weight we gained haha, we also all had stomach aches.

 So, here’s to not being to hard on ourselves when we take a little time off! I had an amazing vacation and what really matters is I’m getting right back to it, keeping my healthy lifestyle that helps me feel good! That’s what it’s really about in the end I think, creating a realistic lifestyle you can stick to!


15 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #6: Getting Back To It!

  1. I love this post- I 100% agree you can’t get down on yourself when taking time off or missing a work out… I know for me personally, if I don’t have a realistic and flexible routine I won’t stick to it for long. You have to be understanding of yourself in order for it to be maintainable and successful 🙂

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      1. I hear ya! I just started going back to the gym again last week, I had to take a few months off when we moved to Europe- so after all that time off I could barely move haha It is nice to feel the burn again though- even when it’s a tad painful!

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    1. It totally is!! It’s fun to do something different on the holiday and New Years on the cruise is super fun! Awesome job girl! It definitely does feel really good to be back at it!!


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