Snapshot Sunday!!

It’s Sunday and that means I’m linking up with Life By Jaclyn and The Grady Bunch for a fun recap of the weekend! I loved this idea right away and was so excited to join in on the fun! If you haven’t, go check out their blogs! You will not be disappointed:-) They both have awesome blogs and are the sweetest girls! Now let’s get into it!

Friday started with work as usual and it was actually a pretty great day! Work has been so busy because this week is our inventory week. I work for an air conditioning/heating company and we sell parts as well. Since we have parts, once a year we have to count ALL of them and make sure our count is correct. Sounds simple but NOPE its miserable and no one likes it! So this past week was spent prepping for it to make it (hopefully) go smoothly. We don’t start the actual process of inventory until Friday after work. I have to work over the weekend which is a bummer but guess what isn’t a bummer…OVERTIME! I mean come on…I just got back from New York I need all the overtime I can get lol. After work I was ready for some fun! Nick and I got together with our friends Allison and Mike and went to a new tap room here in town. It was a pretty awesome place and we tried some new different beers and since they don’t serve food we ordered pizza to be delivered for dinner there!

 Saturday was pretty low key for the start of it. Got some cleaning done and relaxed a bit.  Saturday night we had a bunch of friends over for the Ronda Rousey UFC fight! I definitely would not count myself as a super UFC fan. Not even in the slightest HOWEVER that girl is badass! She is so awesome and really is amazing to watch. The fights were insane and we could not believe how the main event turned out! We made wings and then had everyone bring an appetizer to share for dinner! I never know what to expect with nights like these when all of our friends get together. I just know they are always fun and a little crazy! This one was definitely like that 🙂

Sunday….I don’t know how I feel about Sunday. SO many people love Sunday and say they are so relaxing and yes, yes they are, but I HATE them because they are just a huge reminder that Monday morning is looming. Overdramatic? Probably. This Sunday is turning out to be pretty great though 🙂 We slept in a bit and then went out to brunch which is my most favorite! Once we got home it started raining and now we are snuggled up blogging while the boyfriends play video games and listening to the thunder storm! I may also have a mimosa in my hand 🙂 That’s how Sunday Funday is done!!   Bottomless Mimosas:)

   I hope you are all having a great weekend 🙂


8 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday!!

  1. Yay so glad you did snapshot sunday! I’m really enjoying doing a recap of my weekends. Hope you enjoyed! 🙂 Brunch looks amazing! I love mimosas yumm. Is that snow I see in the last picture?! We have yet to have our first snowfall. Hope you have a less stressful work week! 🙂

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    1. Awe thanks!! It was really nice recapping the weekend 🙂 That is HALE! So crazy! All of a sudden a ton of it started coming down and huge claps of thunder! No snow for us here yet! Thank you! Just have to get through this week and it should be good!


  2. I agree with you on Sundays. The second Saturday passes — I’m already preparing for Monday. It sucks. My husband is a huge MMA/UFC fan, so I was watching Saturday night, too. Even though I like Rousey because she’s a kickass female, I’m not a fan of her personality. I was happy she got her face kicked in. Ha! All of your beer, pizza, chips and dip, mimosas… Mmmm. I’m jealous. Your weekend seems far superior to mine lol.

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  3. OMG Brunch is so fun and I know what you mean about Sunday. It’s like saying goodbye to the weekend. I hate goodbyes LOL! Looks like you had a yummy beer sampler and I could seriously use one right now. Nothing says drinking like year end inventory counting! *kill me

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