Sometimes You Just Gotta Let Your Freak Flag Fly! Or At Least Wave It A Little…

I love dancing. I never really knew how much until recently. My friends and I went up to Reno, NV for the annual Nugget Rib Cook-off they have up there and got a hotel to stay the night. We have done this for the past three years and always have a great time! This year we had our rib tasting fun, then went back to our room to get the night started! What ended up happening next can only be described as letting our freak flags fly…

We got back to the room and are all SO exhausted; standing in the heat for hours eating ribs and deep friend oreos is more tiring then you might think. We all started to relax and have some drinks. (Pro tip: always bring your own booze to the hotel room, then you can have drinks and not have to spend a fortune.) We watched TV, danced around in the hotel robes, had some more drinks…and before you know it was 10:30 and none of us had even thought about going out. There was also a pizza delivery that happened in those 5 hours. Yet we get ready and finally make our way out to the casinos; some gambling happened, a lot of free drinks… as you can imagine we were all very happy and didn’t have a care in the world! Us girls convinced the guys that since we had gone gambling with them that is was time to get to the club for some dancing!

 We get to the restaurant turned night club and see a big sign reading “OPEN BAR”. It was almost as if the heavens had opened and all our dreams had come true. FREE DRINKS! Few words are as special to hear when in your twenties. We hop inside, order a round of shots, and BOOM… “$40 please!” What?! Yeah… that free bar sign was only for weekdays…it was definitely Sunday and we definitely could not read correctly. BUT that would not stop our fun, we drank the drinks proudly and started dancing our booty’s off… or at least I was. I don’t know what it is about clubs but I immediately think I am either Beyonce, or in a music video. We danced, drank and laughed with each other for hours. I forgot to mention earlier but we were actually dancing to a live band playing at one point. The base player looked right at my friend and I and signaled for us to come up to the front of the stage, so of course we do, we aren’t crazy! Once up there we starting throwing our hands up and screaming as if this guy was Justin Timberlake. The guy grabs my hand and PUTS IT ON HIS BUTT! What?! Yes, we were drunk, but not that drunk! We shot a weird look to each other, laughed it off and danced away from the front.

This night ends with me not wanting to leave the club (typical), telling the bouncer at the club, “Bye! We’re checking out!” being extremely loud all the way back to the room. So loud, in fact, that security came to our room and told us complaints had been made and we needed to be quiet or the cops would come. No cops came however, us girls were told to be quiet which made my best friend cry (typical) and for some reason I pretend like I was crying to distract from her… Or I was making fun of her which would have made me a bitch…lets not choose that option! Lol

I LOVE weekends like this. We got up the next morning, had a ton of laughs and ate McDonalds like it was our job. That ride home was filled with laughs and yelling out the car windows. Those are the weekends that make you feel like the stressful work weeks are worth it. Good friends, good times, and waving that flag!


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