Making A House A Home

My mom’s birthday just passed and on the day of her actual birthday I was sick. Boo. I told her of course I would still love to come over and spend time celebrating but she was not having it. She does NOT like getting sick and said to rest up and we could do something over the weekend. So my boyfriend and I went over to my parent’s house to celebrate and it donned on me. My mom knows EXACTLY how to make a house feel like home. Within 2 minutes of being there Nick was already saying how good it smelled in the house and wondering what was being baked. There was nothing. It was candles. Let me explain, I do have candles but they have been the same candles we have had for a year living there. They all smell the same, kind of like a light sea breeze. Very nice yes but see my mom changes with the seasons. She had some pumpkin candles out that smelled heavenly and already had her Christmas candle bought and ready for the season to start! My mom was sweet enough to let me leave with a candle she had that was only half way done and gave me the names on the others so I could go get them (and where a sale was!). As if to say “Honey, get your ish together.”

In all honestly though it really got me thinking about how my mom always makes it feel so warm and cozy in her house all the time without feeling cluttered and now I am making it my goal to make my house feel more like that! I really love my house but with it getting colder out and with the holidays around the corner I really want to add some fun knick-knacks to really get in the spirit and make it feel extra cozy! I feel like I have so many ideas from pinterest for the house and yet not a lot of them actually happen because its just all too much and I don’t know what to pick so I just end up sitting on the couch doing none of them. Any of you have this kind of problem? My goal the next couple weekends is to really work on de-cluttering and making everything have a place. Lets see if this happens! Maybe if I put it on here it will…?


14 thoughts on “Making A House A Home

  1. Apparently I need to commission your mom to decorate my house lol. Her’s looks so comforting! I’m pretty jealous. I have no eye for design and styling. Although, I DO love candles and have a lot of them for different seasons/holidays. So I’ve got that covered, at least. 🙂

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