Fitness Friday #7: Quick Workouts!

This week I have been completely short on time. We have our inventory today and all week my mind has been filled with nothing but that and all I have to do. We’re all pulling our hair out at work and doing anything to get by; which usually means we are extremely silly and make the stupidest jokes just to get some laughs and not be such downers. I have had to work late a couple nights this week, and tonight I will work until we are finished. Last year I didn’t leave until 10:30pm.  With a start time of 7:30am, that makes for a very long day.

With all that said I haven’t had a ton of time before or after work to get in some exercise so I’ve had to fit it in where I can!  I’ve mentioned it here before, but I use my lunch hours to get in my workouts more often then not. I have an hour lunch break and use at least half getting outside.  I bring a gym bag and get to it! Most of the time I go for a run, which is my most favorite. It relaxes me and totally makes me feel like I’m not even working anymore. Also, with this cooler weather it feels SO nice outside and it’s the perfect running weather! When I don’t feel like running or if I feel like getting in some toning I run to the nearby park and do some exercises I have gotten from Tone It Up or pinterest! I wanted to share some of my favorite ones with you guys. They are simple and you can do them anywhere! These are also amazing if you are traveling and want to get in a little something! I will say I felt a little funny at first doing some of these at the park; the park I go to has a huge field so I just pick my own area and put my headphones in and get to it! Don’t feel intimidated doing something like this in public. I just figure when people see me they will thing wow thats cool of her, or maybe it will motivate them. That’s at least what I tell myself ;).

So get out there and try some of these fun workouts! If you give some of these a try let me know:). Also, if you have some suggestions of other workouts I should try I would love to hear! Always looking for more! Happy Friday!! After work tonight (whenever that is) I will HOPEFULLY be enjoying a nice beer and forgetting inventory ever happened!


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