Our First Friendsgiving

This past weekend we had our first Friendsgiving! Nick and I hosted it at our house and it was so much fun! Hoping this turns into a new tradition:) We had eight people at our Freindsgiving and had everyone split up the food. I was in charge of stuffing and apple pie. I was a bit nervous because I had never made either before. I also realized my table is not big enough for that many people so I borrowed a larger table and some extra chairs from work and just covered them with a table cloth and decorations 🙂 Side note: yes, those are 49ers table cloths. I don’t have anything against that team… I just don’t really watch sports. Why would I pick that up then? It was the only one I could find after going to three stores!!! So I just turned it upside down and decided it would be a funny quirk! Allison did tell me I could have just gone to the dollar store which is right down the street from my house… HOW DID I NOT THINK OF THAT? Oh well! All the food was amazing and being with some of my favorite people was even better! I will also say I was so proud of us! All the food was AMAZING! Tasja brought the turkey and OMG was it amazing! So juicy and tasty! The verdict on my stuff: the stuffing was good but too dry for my taste. I did a crock pot recipe and instead should have just made it how my parents do because theirs is way better. The pie though was amazing and I was SO PROUD! Also, some of my decorations were from Hobby Lobby and CVS, all were found at 80-90% off and I spent a total of $11.70 on everything. I was extremely happy about this to say the least and had to tell all the girls!


     The boys cleaning up… 🙂

Have you guys ever had a Freindsgiving? I will definitely be doing one next year! All of us at one point or another realized how crazy it was that we were actually old enough to cook our own Thanksgiving dinner. How is that possible?!?! Happy Monday!!:)


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