Thanksgiving Thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving!! This was a three day week and that is something to be thankful for in itself! Today Nick and I will be heading to my parents house first and then to his familys house! Luckily, they live 5 minutes away from each other so it makes it absolutely perfect! All of my extended family lives on the east coast so my family here in California is rather small. This is the second year I have gone to Nick’s familys house for Thanksgiving and it is always so much fun! They have a bunch of family over and RUM RUNNERS. Rum runners are a type of drink we found in Lake Tahoe and its a new tradition! You blend the rum runner mix with your favorite rum and voila! The most amazing and frothy drink of your life!

 Today I am going to share a couple things I am most thankful for. Yes, cue sappy post now.

  1. My family and Nick. Words can’t even describe how much love I have for them.

 2. The most amazing friends. They are badass and my most favorite. I am very lucky to have found them. They are weirdos just like me! IMG_5163


3. Nick’s amazing family that always makes me feel so loved

4. I have a roof over my head (and one I love at that) and food in my belly

5. I am able to go on the most amazing trips with my most favorite people.


6. A job with great people that allows me to go on those amazing trips that I love to take so much

7. A healthy body.  This year I was reminded more then ever how really thankful for this I should be. 

8. This blogging community. I never realized just how much I would like it, and I’ve only just begun

9. TV shows and movies- Yes, I am thankful for this! The shows that make me happy and relaxed after a long day, or Harry Potter that gives me my current obsession. Also, the Harry Potter books that I am in the midst of reading.

10. Phones, because now that I live 3 hours away from where I grew up I’m not always able to go and visit. I love that I can reach out to friends I love even when they are far away. Also, with family miles and miles away it really is the most amazing way to stay in touch and feel a little bit closer.

Today I have a thankful heart and a very very full belly:) Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🙂 No work tomorrow so let the run runners flow!!


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