Top 5 Vacations!

I recently did my first guest post on Kristin’s blog and loved it so much I wanted to share it here as week:) Vacations and traveling are one of my most favorite things, especially with the ones I love. Here are some of my favorite vacations I have gone on and places I hope to go next!

Disneyworld– I’ve been to Disneyworld twice now and it’s one of my favorite places! The first time I went with my boyfriend Nick and our two friends Mike and Allison; the second time was in 2014 and it was just Nick and I. The parks are massive because there are 4 main parks. They have The Magic Kingdom (most like Disneyland), Hollywood Studios, The Animal Kingdom and Epcot. My very favorite is probably Epcot. It’s so amazing, seeing the different parts of the world is a trip. The other parts are all so amazing and have something different to offer in all of them. Since Disneyworld owns so much land going all around the parks, you can find Disney hotels ranging in price and they are all great. We stayed at an economy hotel and it felt like a suite! Next time we go we want to plan a day to just hang out at the pool because it was so awesome there! They also have two water parks but I haven’t been to either of those yet! We also got to go to Universal Studios and check out the Harry Potter World there…AMAZING. Seriously that’s the only word I can use because you walk in and your mouth just drops because you are immediately transported into this amazing world. Nick and I love Disney and really enjoy our time there, it’s always a special time together I already cant wait to go back again!

Hawaii– I went to Hawaii with nine of my friends, it was a blast! We went to Maui and planned it all together so we got two big rooms. Five in one room, four in the other. They each had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Both were right on the ocean, but don’t be fooled we were ballin on a budget and got a great deal; not to mention with all nine of us splitting the bill it was much more affordable. We did so many activities including zip lining, a helicopter tour of two islands, luaus, and snorkeling! We went for 10 days which was awesome because it also gave us time to relax at the hotel and cook some dinners there together, but also relax by the ocean or pool there. We had an awesome pool with a BBQ right by the hotel so we spent some nights there as well. We’re actually planning on going back in 2016 because two of the friends we went with are getting married there! This was at the absolute tip-top of my bucket list and it did not disappoint. I think we all said “ lets just move here,” at least 10 times on the trip…and still do.


New York-I just got back from a trip to New York for the first time and I still can’t believe I went! Such an amazing experience. I have done a couple blog posts about my experience there and tips for first timers like myself that I learned! The buildings are gorgeous, the lights are bring and the city is busy with life at every moment; it almost takes your breath away being there. We went for 10 days and could have easily done five more on top of that and still have things to do. SO. MUCH. TO. SEE. I will definitely go back in the future. If you’re planning to go in the future make sure to check out deals on apartments and city passes to save money on things you want to see while there like museums and monuments! On top of that, I love how much free stuff there was to do. You can walk out the door and be out all day busy seeing amazing things and not have to spend a dime which is awesome!

      Disneyland– Nick and I went this past May for our anniversary and it was such an amazing trip. We went to new places and enjoyed every minute of it. I used to go to Disneyland with my family growing up on vacations, then my sister and I took a few sister trips. Such a fun and also close place to get away and have some fun! Spending our anniversary there made it even more special and I cant wait to go back for the new Star Wars areas!!

       Cruise to Mexico– We have done a cruise to Mexico the last two years for our Christmas present (an amazingly generous present at that) from Nick’s family and they’re by far the most relaxing vacations I have ever been on. We do a seven day cruise and three days are spent visiting the different places in Mexico, while the other days are spent at sea lounging around in cabanas and going to fun shows. Obsessed. I’ve visited Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta on these cruises and loved both places! This past cruise we did zip lining and a rope course in Puerto Vallarta, it spectacular. In Cabo we spent almost a whole day just at Cabo Wabo, enjoying our fair share of margaritas. Buy one, get one free! EVERYTIME. Can’t beat it! They are also the most heavenly margaritas I’ve ever had. I also should mention theres no service while on the cruise unless while on land you can find wifi, which is glorious. You can actually get wrapped up in vacation and not get distracted. I get to read so many books while on the cruise relaxing in the sun!


Places I dream of going next…

Cruise to Jamaica & The Grand Cayman Islands– We are heading here at the end of this year and I am beyond excited! As I said in the last paragraph we go with Nick’s family and I love them all so much. They are amazing to be around and the quality time with them and my boyfriend is priceless. I can not wait to see these amazing places that I never dreamt of seeing in person!

Greece– Hello Beautiful! From what I have seen in pictures it looks breath taking! Totally on my bucket list as somewhere I want to see!!

Europe– Amazingly beautiful and has so much history. My friend Allison studied abroad there for 3 months and hearing about her experience and seeing her pictures makes me want to go even more! For now I will just drool over all of the “Across The Pond” blogs.

Ireland– I want to go here so badly. Nick is Irish and I am partly Irish, I think it would be so cool to go there together and see EVERYTHING. Nick’s sister just went there with her boyfriend this past summer and loved it as well. This is a trip I most definitely want to do in the next couple years!

Japan– I am in awe of the culture and everything about Japan. I follow a family on YouTube called Its Judys Life and since they are daily vloggers they vlog their visits to Japan and they’re always amazing. I want to experience it all in person because it seems out of this world. This is also one of Nick’s top places he wants to go, so a trip is definitely in our future. The food, the people, the sites. I just can’t wait!

I would love to hear some of your favorite vacation spots or where you dream of going next!



15 thoughts on “Top 5 Vacations!

  1. Traveling is the best!! Did you enjoy Disneyworld or Disneyland more? I’ve only been to Disneyworld… New York and Hawaii are definitely on my bucket list… Also Europe and Ireland.. especially Ireland. My husband is SUEPR Irish, and I am partly as well, so I can only imagine how much fun it would be to soak up the heritage!

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    1. I actually like Disneyworld more! People are always surprised like that because I grew up in California and have been to Disneyland tons of times (and love it) but Disneyworld just has so much and I love the accommodations there! Totally!! So much to explore and soak up in Ireland! I just want to go now!!


      1. I lived in Saudi Arabia for 16 years and traveled to Syria so I have lots of pictures up and my story! I have not traveled much because taking care of 9 wonderful kids! I love reading posts like yours! Makes me feel I am along! Thanks Kaitlyn! 🙂 So much run reading and seeing your photos!

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  2. All your vacations sound like they were a blast! You will love Jamaica. I stopped there once on a cruise and then got to go back when my dad re married. It is so beautiful and the locals are so nice! Greece is definitely one of my dream vacations.


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