Fitness Friday #8: Countdown To Cruise!

Well. Thanksgiving has come and gone and man, did I enjoy myself or what?! The last couple of weeks I have talked about my struggle getting back into working out and eating right, and this week I crushed it. I definitely stuffed my face last week with all the good food, so this week I knew I had to crush it. Before my trip to New York I very commonly would do two workouts a day. That sounds excessive but for me it works best because it keeps my metabolism working correctly, and keeps me accountable. I’m not doing 2 hour workouts twice a day. I’m doing 30 minutes to an hour each workout and if I only get one in that’s totally fine! Since New York I’ve still been working out, but much less frequently. This past week I worked out every day and it made me feel SO much better and much more motivated. It also made me sore…so very, very sore. The kind of sore where it hurts to sit down when you go to the bathroom. Yep.  Today, I am going to show what my week looked like and the dinners I ate! I have a cruise coming up at the end of the month and that is totally pushing me to get my butt back in shape and ready for some sun!

Monday:  This workout is killer. It works and tones everything, and totally gets your heart pumping! You can find this on their Youtube page 🙂 This one workout started my week of pain! For dinner I made beef rice skillet, which is a meal my family always made growing up! It’s delicious and so simple. You cook the meat, add rice and water and let it cook till the rice is done and then add your veggies and boom! Yumminess.

Tuesday:  I did a two mile run on this day using the Calorie Crush Cardio workout I posted about here. My legs were shaking after and I was pooped. When I got back to work I ate leftover dinner from the night before and read Harry Potter because that is my current obsession! For dinner we had Pineapple chicken! So good and healthy and I served it over brown rice.

Wednesday: I went to the park by my work and enjoyed my lunch while reading and enjoying the beautiful trees. After work I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical jamming out to music and blogging, and then hopped on the stair master for the Tone It Up workout above. Be warned, its a butt kicker and after 3 minutes your already sweating bullets and kind of regretting all the decisions your making. Afterwards it’s worth it though. I made enchilada chicken that night and man was it amazing. I made enchilada sauce from the Skinnytaste Cookbook and then just poured it over chicken and baked it. Put that baby over brown rice and I was in heaven.

I had a hectic day at work and DID NOT want to workout. Instead I pulled it together and did the hardest TIU workout: Hitty Bitty Bikini. You can also find this on their Youtube page but be warned; it sucks. It’s awesome because it sucks. Tons of burpees, jump squats and other horrid things that make you want to keel over. It was raining outside and I was feeling all cozy so I made some chili for dinner. I used lean ground beef and low sodium tomato sauce and it was delicious!

Friday: I got up this morning and kicked my butt with another HIIT workout from TIU. It was a quick 2o minutes and felt awesome. Tonight after work I will head to the gym for some arms and maybe some elliptical 🙂 Tonight on the menu we have tacos!! Also probably some margaritas because yum:)

I am hoping to stay active this weekend and watch what I eat and make healthier choices. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing this week of workouts and what I do to get my body moving! I would love to hear some of your favorite workouts and healthy dinners! Happy Friday!! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #8: Countdown To Cruise!

    1. Thanks!!! It totally is killer but since it’s so tough I figure it must be doing its job and so I always go back to it haha Yes can’t wait till tonight!! Counting the hours till a margarita is in my hand 😉


  1. OMG.. you are motivating me.. I thought I am the only one who likes to run from the gym and quit and still keep going. Please do keep writing more about ur daily routines including how you feel and how you still keep going despite how you feel

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