Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

This past weekend we went and cut down our tree. I’ve never done anything like this and it was SO awesome! My family always went to a tree farm right by our house and picked out our tree there. I still love that, but this year it was so fun to mix it up and do something different!

We started the drive in the morning, and went to a place about a half hour away. When you get there you walk down and get in line and a jeep comes to pick you up and takes you to the trees. Literally, it’s like walking around in the forest for trees. You’re set loose and start hiking around and finding your dream tree. All my life I’ve had big, full tress and thats what my mind was looking for, that however is not what we found. The types of trees that they have are much more spaced out and “sparse”. We searched and searched and finally found the one! While finding the one, I fell. Yeah, I was not graceful and when getting some of these trees you have to go down hills and it was so muddy! I was going toward my tree and totally ate it. My first response was “I hate this” and then I relaxed and realized, who really cares, this is funny and will be great for the blog! We cut down our tree and headed back for the jeeps. When you get back down to the main area they have coffee, cider, cookies you can enjoy for $1.00 and the cutest little store of christmas decor. Everyone is super friendly and make it a great experience.

 If you ever go to a place like this make sure to plan TIME! In my head I thought we could head up in the afternoon. That would not have been smart at all! Luckily, Allison thought we should leave around 11:00am and thank goodness we did! The whole process took about 5 hours from leaving the house to getting back home. I would absolutely do this again! I don’t have kids but so many families were there and I bet it was such a fun experience for them as well! At this particular place they also had a camp fire going on and picnic tables you could use and have lunch at.

 Once we got home we got to decorate the tree and now I can’t stop staring at it. 🙂 My sister came over and in my mind we were all going to have so much fun putting everything on the tree! What actually happened was them saying “we don’t like doing that” so they played video games and I set it all up! I didn’t even mind, I love that kind of stuff! Nick and my sister did help with things like lights and actually standing the tree up though, which was awesome 🙂 I told Nick that all he had to do was put at least one ornament on and that would make me happy:) I don’t even know why. Girls are weird! Even though its so different from any tree I’ve ever had, its so beautiful and fun in its own way. Why can’t we just have tree’s up all year long?? I would love that!!

Have you guys ever been to a place like this? I am completely in Christmas mode now and I love it! Happy Monday!!


12 thoughts on “Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

  1. This looks like so much fun! I’ve never cut down a tree before, I need to do this at some point in my life. What a great farm! And I’m SO with you on wanting to leave the trees up year round — or at *least* until Feb/March. It makes for such a warm/cozy space. 🙂

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    1. Yes you must!! It is so much fun and such an experience all together! And yes!! My boyfriends birthday is in January and always wanted to keep the tree up but his mom never let him haha. So when we moved in together we kept it up in January and I totally could have longer haha

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  2. This is so cool! What state is this in if you don’t mind me asking? I live in Los Angeles and there’s nothing like this around here. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to cut down any trees in the mountains around here…

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    1. It’s in California! More up North though toward Lake Tahoe!! There are a ton of places around here! I know what you mean though because I used to live near San Francisco and there was usually nothing around there!


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