Decorating The Christmas Tree

Putting up the Christmas tree is one of my favorite things to do! Decorating and looking at all the ornaments, you just can’t get better! When I was little my whole family got in on the action, we would put on a fun Christmas movie and get to work! We all helped to make sure it was straight, all yelling from different corners of the house saying if it looked good or not, then my dad put the lights on! Once that was done we got to put on all the ornaments. It was so fun doing this at my family’s house because we had one’s from when my parents were little, my sister and I’s first ornaments and the ones we would make at school! 





 Now that Nick and I live together we had to start from scratch! Last year was our first tree together and we bought a huge box of different colored ornaments to fill up the tree and then had one from Disneyworld that we had gotten earlier that year. Both of our moms gave us one or two as well to make it a little more unique. This year we got to add two more of our own to the tree! One from Disneyland and one from New York! We decided that anytime we travel somewhere we would get an ornament to remember the trip! 

Saturday when we got home from the tree farm, my sister, Nick and I put everything on the tree. They are not as into doing that as I am so they played video games and I set it all up! I didn’t even mind, I love that kind of stuff! Nick and my sister did help with things like lights and actually standing the tree up though which was awesome 🙂 I told Nick that all he had to do was put at least one ornament on and that would make me happy:) I don’t even know why. Girls are weird! This has actually turned out to be one of my favorite trees and we love turning on all the lights when we get home!! 


Happy Wednesday! 


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