My Favorite Things About Christmas!

Second blog post today! Let’s do this!

I was nominated by ScaleSimple to participate in the 12 Days Of Christmas Blogging  challenge! Make sure to go check her out if you haven’t already! She is awesome!!  I was so excited and also slightly nervous  when she nominated me because posting every day seemed daunting, especially during the holidays! In the end I just couldn’t resist, I want to do all things Christmas!! Now lets get Day 1 started!!

12 Days Of Chrismtas

Memories! Christmas has always been a special time and as soon as Christmas gets close I start reminiscing and remembering them all 🙂

All the family time! Now I get two christmas’s which is amazing. I get to go see my family first and then Nick’s family. Also, the whole month long is fun friend and family time!

CHRISTMAS TREE AND DECORATIONS!!! I love them!!! SO cozy and fun:) Just the other day my friend texted me about all the new decorations she got and what did I do? Drove over right away to see them all! I can’t help it! It’s just too fun!

Finding gifts from people 🙂 It’s so fun finding things for people that you just feel are so perfect for them and then getting to give it to them and seeing them excited and happy about it!

Christmas/ Holiday Movies! Even though I can watch these all year long, I usually don’t so its so fun to re-watch them all and find new ones to watch!

Foooooood. All the food! There is nothing better then all the delicious food everyone brings around during the holidays! I will definitely be enjoying it all!!!

What are some of your favorite things about Christmas? I probably missed a ton because there is just too much to love! Happy Monday!



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