Things That Make Me Feel Like A Horrible Person

Have you ever had a moment where you stop and think…Wow. I am a horrible person. I know I do!! The other day, one of these thoughts totally ran through my mind and the more I talked to my friends about it the more I realized some of these thoughts are not only common but freaking hillarious!

-When at a store or fast food place and they say, “Would you like to donate a dollar to end world hunger?” to which I usually respond “No, not today” But I just purchased $15 worth of taco bell…

-When they say, “Enjoy your movie!” and I reply, “You too!” they will not… they will be working…nice reminder!

-Having a customer be so rude to you at work, that after you say to your coworker, “I hope…I hope they get diarrhea in a crowd with no toilets!!” Yes, this was a real thing said during a stressful week. We don’t wanna hurt anyone! Just humiliate them I guess… Don’t mess with us! 😉

-When you see someone at work and say, “Hi! How are you?” and the person takes that time to say how they are actually doing and your left with thinking… I didn’t really care..

-When there are cookies at work and someone says “Oh no! Are there any left?!” To which you say “Noooooo I’m sorry! You just missed them!” Meanwhile you have hidden two in your drawer for later.

What are some of your moments?!





11 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Feel Like A Horrible Person

  1. The donating $1 always gets me too. A lot of the time I say yes, but sometimes it’s no. Recently I bought some $100 worth of groceries. The person was scanning them at the register, and I was like. “You know what? I’m going for the Snickers. I worked out today, I deserve it. It’s only a dollar, anyway” ….. One minute later they asked if I wanted to donate a dollar to something. It was a terrible, awkward, uncomfortable pause. I wanted to say no, but how can you at that point? Lol

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