Christmas Traditions!

It’s Day 2 and I am already loving getting to talk about all things Christmas! This week is already an off week for me seeing as I’m pms’ing. VERY emotional and my stomach has been causing my problems but THAT CAN’T GET ME DOWN! Today is a new day and we are that much closer to Christmas πŸ™‚

12 Days Of Chrismtas

When I was little, picking out the Christmas tree was my favorite traditon. Today, I still love that but my favorite thing has shifted a little!

Last year Nick and I moved into our first place together in late October. It was our first time spending the holidays together and our first time making new memories. We got our first christmas tree and were starting new traditions, even if I didn’t realize it at the time. Last year during the week of christmas we were talking about how Christmas day would go and all the things we were excited for. One thing we didn’t think about was Christmas Eve! When I was little Christmas Eve was always such a special thing. We would watch the santa tracker online, which showed where santa was and where he was off to next! Did any of you ever see this? My parents totally used it as a way to make sure I went to bed on time…Santa wouldn’t stop by if I wasn’t asleep! We also would watch fun movies and eat a fun treat, like cookies!

Christmas Eve arrived and Nick and I decided that that night after work we would come home and go together to get In N Out for dinner! If you’ve never heard of In N Out before…I’m sorry and its amazing. If you ever go order Animal Fries… don’t ask, just order and thank me later πŸ™‚ After grabbing our food we went home, got on the couch and watched a new movie together and had a drink! So. Simple. We lit some candles as well, and just enjoyed the night together. This year I hadn’t thought too much about Christmas Eve until Nick mentioned getting In N Out. He remembered! Something so small (of course I remembered, I’m a crazy girl, DUH!) But he did and it was the sweetest. We will be keeping this tradition alive and I can’t wait. This year we are switching the movie to something Christmasy! Not sure what yet and would love any suggestions!


What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? Big and small, I would love to hear!


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