Favorite Christmas Food!!

12 Days Of Chrismtas

Day 3 is all about food and honestly, I love ALL food. Well, pretty much everything! My family has always done the same meal on Christmas that we did on Thanksgiving. Since I couldn’t just pick one, I decided I would pick my favorite from each course. My favorite appetizer has to be deviled eggs. I always think these are so random but they are SO GOOD. My new favorite thing to put in them is a little bit of pickle juice. Maybe a teaspoon or two. If you like deviled eggs and haven’t tried that yet, please do! Let me know what you think!! 

My favorite part of the main meal has to be turkey combined with stuffing all covered in gravy! (Yes, I just said three but it all goes in my mouth at once, so ha!). My family has always done turkey, however last year we had ham as well at Nicks house and that was AMAZING! I would say its my favorite but since I’ve only had it once I’ll keep my answer at turkey.
Lastly, we have dessert! My family always got pies and I always hated them. I was stubborn and always just thought I didn’t like them but didn’t really have any good reason why. This past year I have found my love for pie and it’s great don’t get me wrong but also awful. I didn’t need this new obsession and calories! With this new found love I have found my new found favorite dessert….APPLE PIE!!! I made my first apple pie this year and loved it sooooo much. I bought the pie crust dough from the store and just followed the directions on the box! I also got an awesome apple cutter that made it so much easier! I’m a ding-dong sometimes though and totally forgot to skin them before cutting them so I had to do that once it was all cut. Took FOREVER. Luckily it was delicious so all the frustration and feeling stupid washed away.   


If any of you have awesome recipes you love, I would love to hear!!



6 thoughts on “Favorite Christmas Food!!

      1. Right?! Sometimes I will use pickle juice and then take about a 1/2 or whole pickle spear, chop it up really really small and add that as well! (You can use more or less depending on your taste!)

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