My Claim To Fame: A Hug.

One time, I met the Jonas Brothers. I also hugged them. In a tour bus… This is that story.

When I was in middle school I was obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. I knew all the words to the songs, had all the cds’ and had one of their posters in my room. I was especially fond of Nick Jonas; he was my number one dream guy. My friend Pam and I realized they were coming to town and since she was equally obsessed we just had to go! Once we got the tickets, the planning started. We planned the whole day, right down to what we would wear! We made shirts for the whole experience and these were classy shirts, ironed on letters and all! The morning of the show it was POURING rain, would that stop us? Oh heck no! Her mom drove us and we wanted to get there extra, extra early because god forbid we miss ANYTHING. We got there hours early and when we arrived there was only maybe 10-15 other young girls and a couple parents outside. She dropped us off and we waited. Did I mention it was pouring rain? Luckily there was a small overhang and we came prepared with umbrellas so we were more than happy to wait!

They were touring on a special bus that was all set up for them to be recording, and they were recording their next album. All of a sudden that bus PULLS OUT NEXT TO US. Talk about girl screams galore and all the freak-outs! Next steps out their security guard. He explains that they’re so thankful for all the fans supporting them and this special tour with this new tour bus while making their next album. He then announces that two girls at a time will get to take a tour of the bus. AMAZING. Not only that but we will meet the boys, all three of them, on the bus, alone. WHAT?!?! The only catch, no photos. While waiting our turn I’m getting the nervous sweats and feeling like I’m going to puke while also playing it cool because hello when you meet your future husband you gotta be cool!

It’s finally our turn and we step onto the bus and OMG THERE THEY ARE, THOSE DREAM BOATS! They’re standing inside waiting to greet us and each gave us a hug. Go ahead, ask me what we said next! No. Fucking. Clue. Literally! Couldn’t tell you! I can picture it in my head, what it looked like and majorly freaking out inside while trying to act cool and saying “Wow, how awesome,” a lot… but literally could not recount what was said if my life depended on it. It felt like a lifetime we were in there but it was probably a couple of minutes. When the door opened up again letting us know our time was up I got one last hug, from Nick Jonas. Pam and I left the bus and her first words were “OMG HE HUGGED YOU TWICE!!!” I could have died happy right then!

While watching the concert I was CONVINCED Nick was looking at me the whole time, singing right to me! Hello, he had hugged me twice! Of course he loved me! He’s only a year younger than me! He wanted a mature woman! Nick and I still have not seen each other since our beautiful meeting many moons ago, but overtime I see him on tv, or on the radio I make sure to tell anyone around “I hugged him you know!”.

Have you ever met a celeb that totally made you starstruck? I would love to hear!



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