A Very N’SYNC Christmas!!

12 Days Of ChrismtasDay 4 is here and that also means it’s THURSDAY! It’s almost the weekend and I can’t wait!! Now lets get Day 4 started!

Growing up I always believed in Santa. One day, I didn’t anymore. There was no real “OMG HE ISNT REAL?!?!” moment, it just happened. At some point when I still believed in Santa I also started to become very nosey. My family would always spend evenings all together. We would watch movies, spend time together and relax until we had to go to bed. However, when it got close to Christmas time some nights my parents would spend their nights in the garage, or at least one of them would. Little Kaitlyn needed to know what was going on! Eventually I snooped enough to see they were hiding/ wrapping presents. I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT…MY PARENTS HELPED SANTA. Yes, every parents dream! I still believed, I just thought my parents were badasses and helped out Santa. My mom sat me down and said that since Santa had so much to do sometimes he would have the parents help a little bit. Ever since then I have always gotten presents signed either from ‘Mom & Dad’ or ‘Santa’. This brings me to my real story. One Christmas, since I was wise to my parents game, I started sneaking around trying to find the presents. Honestly, if you want something bad enough you will find it, its not like we lived in a mansion! Well I found them and found just what I was looking for…an N’SYNC cell phone! Oh yeah baby, I could not wait to get my hands on that puppy! I waited and that night let it slip to my parents (i.e. start begging them) to let me have JUST THAT ONE PRESENT early. They said no, obviously. I continued to bug that absolute shit out of them until finally, they caved. I know what your thinking, they shouldn’t have caved! That just teaches me I could do that all the time and get away with it! They knew this, but I literally was that annoying. Funny enough I never did it again. I never went snooping again, I never asked for anything early again either. There was just something so special about that phone I guess.

If I have kids one day, that is one of the things I am most excited for, celebrating with them and seeing them all excited! Christmas is absolutely one of my most favorite memories as a kid.



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