My Christmas Wish List!

It’s my second post of the day and finally this week is almost over! So happy! This week has been rough and I’m so happy it’s over! This year has been difficult for some reason asking for gifts. I’m not sure why but I just keep having the hardest time telling someone what I want. Like you will see below I don’t have a hard time coming up with things I like, but excuses like: “Well I cant ask that from that person” or: “Well they won’t know my size, and really I have to try it on first” all comes to mind. Also, I am totally having that adult complex where I want things for the house but also don’t. Part of me is like oh ill just get it myself sometime! I want fun things!! Usually that’s how it goes, I won’t buy myself something fun like clothes or fun accessories, but I will buy décor for the house. Either way I’ve come up with some things that have been on my wish list in general!

New Running Shoes-Mine are embarrassingly old. For how much I run and use them they sometimes give me awful blisters after too many miles. They get the job done, but new ones are definitely needed.

Pot’s & Pans-I only have a few and definitely need more, better quality ones. Along with this, I need more supplies in general for my kitchen! Like mixing/serving bowls!! Hosting Friendsgiving made me realize all the things I still need in the kitchen!

Picture Frames– Nick got me these amazing pictures for Christmas last year of the ride posters from Disneyworld/Disneyland. My plan is to hang them in the stair way going up to the bedrooms. I have a similar look going from my front door, up the stairs to the living room/kitchen (I live in a condo) of beer posters we have gotten from different breweries, and love it! Did you catch how I say I PLAN to? Yeah…I got them a year ago!! What am I waiting for!! I need to get those frames already! How has a year already gone by?!

Coffee Maker-This year as I’ve mentioned before on here is the year of coffee for me! I just love it!! Nick has been the same way too but we can’t live the Starbucks life everyday. Even though we might like to, our wallets can’t handle that! This is something we are wanting most lately! Just a normal non-fancy coffee maker! It would be cool if it had a timer on it though so I could wake up to the coffee already being made.

Perfume-No explanation needed. I just want all the good smells!!

What’s on your wish list? Happy Friday!!:) 



5 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish List!

  1. I agree! The only thing i wanted to do today was make homemade cards. It’s like $20 of supplies and $10 to buy better cards that hallmark makes. Plus I’m too late. It’s the 18th haha! Seriously you’ve inspired me to make a wish list.

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