Fond Christmas Memories!

12 Days Of ChrismtasDay 6!! I have two fond Christmas memories that come to mind. One was when I was little, I was opening my stocking stuffers and one of them was my very own disposable camera and a mini Polaroid camera! I was SO excited. It only took me that one day to use all of the first roll of film! It was so fun going around and taking pictures of everyone and random things in the house. I felt so grown up! My dad went and got the disposable developed, and most of the photos were extremely close face shots of my family. I put them all in an album and still have it. Such fun time with family and special memories I took myself.

My next fond memory was only from a year ago. It was my very first Christmas with Nick and we had only been living together a little over a month. It was my absolute most favorite waking up next to him on our first Christmas together instead of sending a text. We went downstairs together and opened presents from each other and had the Yule Log on the TV going. It was such a special time together before getting ready for the busy day of visiting families. I love that guy and can’t wait for this Christmas. Every year has so many new wonderful memories!   


What are some of your favorite Christmas memories?


5 thoughts on “Fond Christmas Memories!

  1. 1. I love the in n out bags.
    2. Love the boy meets world dvds. I actually went to college with Danielle Fishel in orange county lol. She’s nice but i didn’t know her well. She and her now husband were in my statistics class.
    3. Pretty tree!

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