One Of My Favorite Traditions! 

12 Days Of ChrismtasOkay everyone, it’s Day 8 and IT’S CHRISTMAS WEEK! The time is finally here and I’m SO excited and also can’t believe it’s already here! Work isn’t so bad on a Monday when 1: It’s a 4 day work week, 2: Christmas is only four days away and 3: You have the whole week after Christmas off for Vacation! Today, we are supposed to share a Christmas tradition in our town or Country. Honestly, there is only one I can think of and it may be pretty lame, but here we go!

Every year there is a parade that plays on TV and it’s in either Disneyland or Disney world! They also do the Macy’s day parade for Thanksgiving in New York and it has always been my favorite! Every year when I would wake up, we would open presents to the Yule log on TV (idk if everyone has this, but it’s the burning log in the fire place playing to music) and then we would turn on the parade! We would all sit around and talk about our favorite parts. I realized something the other day and this may be a big DUH to everyone else but, I realized some of this stuff I hold so precious is purely because of the memories and family that I had associated with it. I’m sure tons of people have seen this parade and not thought to much of it, but because it was such a “thing” with my family it will always be special. When I was little I would get really excited for any celebrity performers on some of the floats. Also, the rockets are a classic and one of the best parts! Additional favorites are the big snoopy and Garfield float, I have no idea why but they are just too cute and look so crazy huge over all the buildings! To end it all, Santa makes his grand appearance at the end! I have always wanted to be there for this, and hopefully one day I will make that happen! The last two years I have missed it since I don’t pay for cable tv anymore and that is a huge bummer! My mom always fills me in on what happens but I need to start looking into streaming it online…is that possible?…is that a dumb question? Who knows! If you know actually, please tell me! I would love to watch!

Have any of you ever watched the parade? If you live in the states I’m sure you have! I would also love to hear some traditions around you!




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