Around The Dinner Table!

12 Days Of Chrismtas

It’s Day 9 and it’s all about the people I’ll be enjoying Christmas dinner with! 🙂

This year we’ll be sitting with Nick’s family! We’ll be visiting my parents earlier in the day but when it comes to dinner, we’ll be surrounded with friends and family of Nick’s. One thing I love about Nick’s family is they always have an open home, if someone doesn’t have family around, they can come over for dinner!

First we have his mom, dad and sister. His mom’s side of the family visits for Christmas and that includes Nick’s grandma, his aunt and uncle and their family. He has two cousins that will be there and then some family friends that they have been friends with for years. This family is so amazing, and it is always such a fun and amazing time. There is just so much love around and a LOT of talking. There is never a quiet moment in the house! Also, lots and lots of laughing!

This year on the menu, TAMALES! I have never had tamales as a christmas dinner before, but his dad is making them from scratch so I am very excited!

Who do you sit with at Christmas?


6 thoughts on “Around The Dinner Table!

  1. Aww, that’s so nice that he has such a great family! We celebrate all of the holidays with my Dad’s side – I can’t wait to see everyone! I love that you’re having tamales — so random + awesome, what a fun way to switch it up! 🙂

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