Youtube Favorites!

Happy Wesnesday!! We are half way through the week and I only have 1 more day of work left after this!(Hopefully it’s a short day!) I wanted to share one of my favorite things today and that is YOUTUBE! I would honestly say I watch more YouTube than I do actual TV. Even though I have a mile long list of Netflix shows I want to watch I still love this more! I started watching YouTube videos about 5 years ago and have been obsessed ever since. There are beauty girls I love to watch for tips, family vloggers who have daily videos and the ones who do it all! These are a couple of my top favorites that I always keep up with! 

it’s Judy’s Life    They are an amazing and hillarious family. I actually started watching their videos when it was just Judy and Benji and now they have 3 little girls, two of which are twins! These videos honestly always put a smile on my face. 

The Shaytards They are amazing and one of the very first channels I watched on here! Shay, the dad went through an amazing weight loss journey and lost 100 pounds. His videos are what first inspired me to start running!

 Nikki LimoIf you want a laugh, she’s your girl! She is my new favorite right now and I can’t get enough! She does skits, Q&A’s, vlogs and much more! If you haven’t yet go check her out!

Charles Trippy- CTFXC He is another original I watched from the beginning. He is actually in the Guinness book of world records for vlogging every day for I think 7 years straight now. This journey follows a lot including him finding out he had a brain tumor. Go check him out! Him, his girlfriend ally and there dogs will make you smile! He is also the base player in the band We The Kings so you might know him from there!

The Defranco Fam!  
Go check them out now! Phil and Lindsey are amazing and totally relatable. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to be just like them, and already am. They have the cutest son and have hillarious videos!

Danny Duncan Danny does daily vlogs and they are just plain fun to watch! Nick loves to watch his videos with me to. He recently moved to Orlando and shows all the fun places to go and since he has a season pass you see a bunch of fun Disney stuff! He is also in We The Kings like Charles. He is the drummer!:)

I would love to hear if you watch YouTube and if you do who some of your favorites are! Trust me when I say I could name so many more and can’t wait to come back with more of my favorites! πŸ™‚


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