Childhood Christmas Presents!

How is it already Christmas Eve?!? SO CRAZY! This is my last day of work until January and I’m BEYOND excited! All my Christmas shopping is done and now it is just time to really relax ๐Ÿ™‚ Work and life in general were just so busy and stress-filled this week! I always get so worked up before going on vacation, making sure I have everything I need to get done, done! I can finally breath and just enjoy the holidays ๐Ÿ™‚ Today is Day 11 and all about my favorite childhood Christmas gift!

12 Days Of Chrismtas

I realized something about myself this year. I HATE picking favorites! I never can! I love too much of everything. Colors, movies, shows, people, places… I just can’t do it!! This was the question I was dreading most for this challenge because I just can’t decide! Iย did narrow it down to just one, but only because it is definitely my most memorable! Also, I figure I should keep it short and not talk about every gift I ever liked as a kid!

BABY Born- I was obsessed with this doll!! I not only got her, but also diapers, clothes, a car seat and beyond! I could not have loved it more! My sister is seven years younger than me and when I got this she was just a baby. I wanted to have a baby just like my mom and then I got this one and couldn’t believe it! I took her everywhere and felt SO special having her. One weekend morning my family went out to breakfast. We are walking in and my parents are ahead of me with my sister in her car seat, I am behind them with my doll in her car seat (please note this was a big doll and an actual real size small car seat, just very light for kids) SWINGING IT AROUND AND AROUND. Families all around stood up gasping, begging my parents to turn around! I was killing their other child! They absolutely thought I was swinging around a real one with my other sibling in it. Everyone had a laugh when they realized it was just a doll but you better believe I never swung it again. I was very traumatized by this and never wanted to hurt my baby again!

What was one of your favorite gifts as a kid?! Do you have the same trouble picking favorites like me? Merry Christmas Eve!!


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