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The Cruise That Never Was

This past week I was supposed to be on a cruise, enjoying New Year with my boyfriend and his family, this never happened. I was supposed to be visiting new places I had never been, snorkeling with sting rays and living the life at a swim up bar in an all inclusive resort, this never happened. This is where my story begins.

Last Sunday we got up at 1:45am to catch our flight. Everything was going smoothly, no traffic, our first flight went great and we even had a delicious sandwich from the air port for breakfast (like surprisingly delicious). We sat in front of our second terminal and this was it! After this flight we would be in New Orleans and on our way to the boat! Until we saw it got delayed 30 minutes, “No big deal!” we thought until it was 2 hours delayed. We. Were. Screwed. We had to be in New Orleans no later than 3pm or else we would miss the boat. Not 10 minutes later, the flight was cancelled completely. Awful. We stood in line for an hour before talking to customer service and realizing there was no way we were getting there. Not only did we miss our cruise, we couldn’t go home until the next day. I will remind you, we had packed for summer weather. We were only wearing jeans, t-shirt and a very light sweater and we were stuck in Denver where there was snow on the ground and the high was 25F. They put us up in a hotel until the next day where we couldn’t fly out until 7pm. On top of all this they lost our luggage so we had nothing. Funny side story: by the time we finally got in our hotel room it was very late. We walked in the door and I asked Nick to crack my back, he puts his arms around me, squeezes and POP. My bra breaks, like really beaks, RIGHT IN THE FRONT! No fix possible. Luckily his sister and her friend did get their luggage back and was able to loan me something…that really would have been terrible!


Monday morning was spent at the hotel which was very nice, but hard to enjoy fully knowing we had nothing and missed this vacation. We decided to make the best of our day stuck there and took an Uber to the Coors factory. They have a free factory tour and 3 free beers at the end! It was pretty neat seeing this in person and probably wouldn’t have had I not just ended up there.


We took an Uber back to the airport that evening and got to the airport 3 hours ahead of time knowing we didn’t have real tickets and had to stand in a lot of lines. We didn’t realize just how long this would take though. The person advised us be there early, and we got there even earlier then he said and it still almost wasn’t enough. We spent 2.5 hours in ONE line just to figure out the ticket situation. We were the people in the airport SPRINTING through security (which Denver has insane amounts of people and long security lines) and running through the airport just to make our flight. We luckily made it on just in time and lucked out by getting the exit rows. Yay leg room!

Even though this wasn’t what we had planned I am so happy I was with the people I was. We were all bummed out but still had smiles on our faces. We made the best of an unfortunate situation and enjoyed the time together anyways. I am happy to report we did get our luggage back but not until Tuesday evening (airport fail!). I am also happy to report that Nicks parents should be getting a refund on everything. They paid for the insurance and the cruise actually booked our flights (guaranteeing if you book through them you make it…ha!) so there was nothing we could have done to make it. They get cruise credit so another cruise is in our future. Just wasn’t meant to be!

Has anything like this ever happened to you?? Totally tried making the best of it but what a bummer! Happy Monday!!



11 thoughts on “The Cruise That Never Was

  1. OMG I’m so sorry your vaca was ruined! I missed your blogging comments though 🙂 This happened to me on the way to Cancun 2 yrs ago, new year’s with the connector flight. I booked it a couple of days early, they took my luggage too, and I still barely got there by the time I had to see Armin van Buren on the beach in Playa del Carmen. Running across an airport emphasized how out of shape I was too. Travelling to a thing you could miss I learned to go 2 days in advance and not check my luggage because of that situation. I hope your new year turns around!

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    1. Awe I missed it too!!! I feel like I am totally so behind and missed you guys!! Ugh… airports and travel is so not fun sometimes!! In the past, we always leave out of LA and just drive down the day before (incase any car trouble). The cruise said it was best to book flights with them so we were guaranteed to get there. They booked out flights and lone behold we did not. Crossing my fingers next time is much smoother. Already have a countdown on my phone for it hahaha


      1. Omg they did it? Well at least you got your money back and were with family. We’re glad to have you back in blogsville!

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  2. Oh my gosh, you poor thing! What a serious bummer! I love that you guys made the best of it though. When sh*t happens, at some point you just have to realize it’s out of your control + go with it. Definitely stinks when you’ve been preparing for it… I saw your hot pink mani too! 😂 That airport congestion is insane! But hey, at least you had some fun + now you have another vaca to look forward to!! 🙂

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    1. I was so sad because I definitely thought it was the best mani I had ever given myself too!! 😂😂 Totally!! Wasn’t what we expected but great in its own way:) Totally already started a countdown for the next one and it will be even sweeter once we finally get to go!!

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