New Year Happenings! 

Happy Wednesday loves! With all of the travel adventures we had just gone though, and not returning home till the wee hours Tuesday morning, we were exhausted to say the least. Tuesday consisted of us sleeping in, being lazy and having a Taco Bell date! It also included me getting new boots for part of my Christmas present from Nick and getting our luggage back!! Nick decided we should make the most of our time off and we booked a room in Reno for Wednesday night. We drove up and enjoyed the night drinking and playing black jack! Not to shabby! We lucked out on a super affordable/cheap room and when we checked in they gave us a $20 food credit for anywhere in the hotel. When we got in the room we also found a 2 for 1 deal for the buffet right by our room… our luck was turning! We didn’t end up eating dinner because we had a late lunch when driving so we had breakfast the next morning for $1.00! It was amazing.

Even though we didn’t end up going on vacation like we thought, it ended up working out so we could be with all our friends to ring in the New Year and that was just as great! We drove to Reno to Lake Tahoe New Years Ever and didn’t expect as much snow as there was which was an awesome surprise! Also, a little crazy because Nick and I arrived first and had to shovel to get the cars in…with one shovel… it wasn’t easy! Luckily the neighbor saw our struggles and helped us with his snow blower. LIFE SAVER!! We had an amazing weekend with the best friends. We drank, ate amazing food, played fun games like catch phrase and I went snow shoeing for the first time! I loved it! I want my own pair of snow shoes now!!


Nick and I came back on Saturday and after a small nap went on a date! It was the best night talking and enjoying yummy food and beer. We ended up spending hours at the restaurant not even realizing how much time had passed. That brings us to Sunday. Want to know what we did? Nothing. Literally. I stayed in my pajamas all day and it was glorious!! I didn’t clean, I didn’t put away clothes, I didn’t even do laundry! The most I did was pick us up nachos for lunch and cook us a pizza for dinner #health. It was just the day we needed.

 Now I’m very much back to reality and trying to get everything organized after the holidays! We officially are rebooking for our cruise and I could not be more excited! Everything works out and I’d say it turned out to be a pretty great week even if it started out sucky!



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