Fitness Friday#11: New Year New Goals!

Happy Friday Everyone!! I’m so happy it’s Friday! This week was all about getting things organized and getting back into the groove of work! I admit I feel much more organized but need to get even MORE. Allison and I recently talked about how bad we need to get organized this year and clean the things we’ve been avoiding. For both of us, that is our guest rooms! Well, we have a plan for that, more to come on that in another post! We also started talking about the vacation we are taking this year to see our close friends get married…in Hawaii!! Both of my vacations this year will include beach, sun and bikinis! Of course we realized we need to kick up our health game and decided right then and there to start working out with each other 3 days a week and going hard while at the gym! This was something realistic we could stick to that would work for us. With different schedules, we cant commit to working out every day together so other workouts will be solo! We luckily attend the same gym so this should be easy, hopefully. This brings me to what I want to talk about this week…being realistic and my new year, new health goals.

When 2015 started, I felt unhealthy, overweight and unconfident. I worked out and with the help and support of people close to me lost weight and am the healthiest I’ve been in years. I was able to maintain that weight loss all year and still remain at that weight. I fluctuate 2-3 pounds which for me is normal for my body. That was huge for me. I had lost weight countless times before and remember thinking “Wow, if I had just stuck to it, think where I would be now!”. It is such a frustrating feeling. One thing I believe though is once you hit your goal, celebrate and then set another!! With 2016 so fresh it’s the perfect time to put those goals in writing. The biggest thing I have learned is to be realistic. I can’t eat perfect 100% of the time. I just cant. I like to have fun, travel, drink and eat fun foods! Even when planning to step up your eating habbits and workouts, be kind to yourself. Having something to motivate you also helps! My vacations are definitely my main motivator right now!! I will be checking in every Friday to see how I’m doing and what I need to step up!
– Workout every day. I know everyone’s thinking “Omg, you just said to be realistic!” and I still am! I know I won’t hit the gym every day but I want to get my body moving for at least 20 minutes a day and that is definitely possible. That’s one thing that helped me so much last year. Even on a day I didn’t have time to have a big workout or if I was tired, I would just go for a walk or jog at lunch. Just something to get my body moving and keep me motivated and not fall off track. I definitely haven’t been doing this the past couple months.

– Focus on toning my stomach and booty. This one is top for me! I just fee soft! I would say I want abs but I don’t wanna be crazy. Just a nice firm stomach and I’ll be happy!

– Run my first 10K!

– Drink more water! I try this again and again but always fail on the weekends.

– Less cheat meals on the weekend. Holiday’s had me going crazy!

– Push myself harder, no wimpy workouts! If I’m gonna workout, I wanna push hard!

– Find new healthy meals to cook to keep it interesting.

If any of you are making new fitness goals I would love to hear! We can motivate each other to accomplish them and by next year I KNOW we will be thanking ourselves!



2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday#11: New Year New Goals!

  1. “When 2015 started, I felt unhealthy, overweight and unconfident.” That statement struck a chord with me, because that’d basically how I feel right now (due to a foot injury last year that caused me to have to pause my workouts). But now that I’m cleared for working out, I’m ready to get back into things and am using my birthday vacation (in 3 months) as the first motivator for me. My first goal is to ramp up my running (2x/week) and getting back into barre class (2x/week). I love the move at least 20 mins a day though…and think I can employ that as well. Good luck trying to achieve your goals. New Year, New Goals indeed!

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    1. Awe thank you!! That is so awesome! Great goals and I know you can achieve them!! I have actually never done a bare class and totally want too! I have heard they are amazing!! Good luck!! This totally gave me motivation to keep going with my goals today and pushing harder!!


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