I Spit On Myself. 

The other week I was warm in my bed, happily sleeping in since it was the holiday. In my sleep I was dreaming and in this dream I was brushing my teeth. To preface this I have crazy dreams sometimes and my dreams often make no sense, even to me. In this particular dream it started with me at Nick’s house and we were talking and hanging out (I liked him and we weren’t together lol) then, I realized he had a dog and proceeded to get this dog water! Once the dog had water I guess I just had a huge urge to brush my teeth? Anyways, I start brushing my teeth and then spit in the sink. As I spit in my dream I wake up to me spitting in real life. On myself. At first I was confused and then started laughing so hard. Nick was next to me very confused and all I could keep saying was “ I spit on myself! I spit on myself!” He didn’t believe it until I lifted the cover to show how wet the corner was. HOW WEIRD IS THAT!!!I could not help but tell all my friends about it because I honestly think it’s the funnies thing. That got us talking about those dreams where you are trying to go the bathroom and then some people actually pee the bed on accident. Luckily that has never happened to me!! I have had dreams like that but always woken up before an accident! I actually cant go to bed without going to the bathroom before because I’m so scared it will happen.

The only thing that commonly happens to me at night is I talk in my sleep. Well, actually I’m “talking” but not saying anything anyone can understand. When I used to live at home my sister and I shared a room and since we are seven years apart, there was a chunk where I would be going to bed early for work and she would stay up late. One night I was sleeping and she said I woke up, sat straight up and started patting all around like I was searching for something and very worried. I finally felt around long enough to find my glasses, put them on, let out a big sigh of relief and laid back down and fell back to sleep. I have no recollection of this but think its hilarious!

Has anything like this ever happened to you guys?? Also, do you have any other weird things that you do in your sleep? Sleep talking, sleep walking? I want to hear all the stories!!



4 thoughts on “I Spit On Myself. 

  1. Oh my gosh this was hilarious! I can relate, i’ve totally done weird things like this in my sleep. I once had this terrible dream..I was crying in it, and I woke up with my pillow soaked and tears were running down my face..I had to laugh about it after! Also those dreams where i’m falling..and I wake up really feeling like I fell (almost like I sat up in my sleep and just fell back onto my pillow) so bazaar!

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