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A Little About Me! Random Facts! 

GUYS. How is it already mid January?? I think I need to just stop being surprised all the time! This is life and its moving fast! I realized the other day that I’ve never really done an introduction of myself on here. I talk about random things all the time but today thought I would share some more stuff just about me. This blog is called me, myself and everything else for a reason isn’t it! Here are some random things about me!


-I’m sensitive. It’s a good thing and bad. I have a lot of empathy for people and love people with my whole heart but something just feel wayyyy to much. I cry at anything sweet, happy or sad. I also have sensitive feelings, I never want people to be mad at me so I often over think what people say.

-Even thought I consider myself a California girl now, I am actually from back east. My whole family is from Pennsilvania and I was born in Chesapeake Virginia!

-I don’t often laugh out loud at shows/movies. I kind of do this weird silent bounce thing. Nick and my friends always think I’m not totally enjoying it because I’m not laughing out loud but I totally am!! However if your telling me a story I ALWAYS laugh out loud. It’s usually a loud weird laugh too. I guess I just REALLY wanna show you how funny I think what your telling me is!

-I have extremely tiny toes. My friends used to call them “little smokies” like the little sausages. Cute huh? 😉

-When I get really excited I start talking so fast the other person just kind of sits there with wide eyes and then says “Whhhaaat?” My words go from fast to jibrish!

– I love going on vacation and rarely have the “I can’t wait to be back home” feeing. I just want to be on a vacation on the time!

– I can talk WAY to much! I just get so excited that I can’t stop myself and need to tell you everything. Like even first thing in the morning. Whoops!

What are some fun facts about you guys? Happy Wednesday loves!!


21 thoughts on “A Little About Me! Random Facts! 

  1. This is a fun post. PS: you are lovely with gorgeous hair!

    Fun facts about me:

    I love going on vacation, but I hate air travel; I can touch my nose with my tongue; I have a very loud sneeze, even when I try to be quiet; you can tell I’m angry when I’m quiet, not loud; I have zero fear of any dog and love training them; I talk so much that my brother once offered to pay me to stop; I live in the city, but consider myself a country girl because I would live off the grid if I could; I can bend my fingers in really weird ways.

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    1. Awe thank you so much! I have the loudest sneeze too!!!! I should have put that hahaha. I also get totally quiet when I’m angry!! How funny!! That is way too funny!! Sounds like we are very similar with how much we talk! 😂😂😂

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  2. This is so cute — I am with you on the super sensitive part! The most random things will make me cry – songs/commercials…doesn’t take much. Yay for being an original East Coast girl! And I totally have short/stubby toes too! 😂😂

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  3. I have loved reading your blog! I had no idea you were an east coast gal too! I was born in North Carolina and lived in Staunton, Virginia before moving here. Keep up your great positivity!

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