Being A Productive Badass

Happy Wednesday!! This past weekend Allison and I decided to spend our Saturday cleaning out our closets and spare rooms! We got to talking about goals we had for this year and things we wanted to get done and both knew we wanted to get out spare rooms cleaned up and organized, from there a plan was made! My problem was that I NEEDED organization in my life. I had gone through and thrown stuff away here and there but never put things where they should go. Everything just went in the magic spare room where I would forget about it. Allison’s was that she had organization DOWN, she just has mass amounts of stuff, so she wanted to go through and donate what she didn’t wear anymore and make room for her boyfriends stuff! Our boyfriends enjoyed this day because they got to hang out and play video games while we cleaned our little hearts out! We started the day at Allison’s and once done there, went to target to grab organizing box’s for me and then it was off to my house! We realized we were cleaning and organizing from 10:00am to 10:00pm…LONG DAY! It was so much fun and I proceeded to have dreams of organizing all night long…I wish I was kidding. We fueled this day with homemade breakfast burritos, mimosa’s, ALL the taco bell, beer and well all the healthy things of course 😉 Doing this with someone who has as much fun as I do organizing made it so much more awesome! We both agreed we would have stopped hours before if we were alone. We didn’t stop until both rooms were completely done and it totally made my weekend! I also got to finally hang some things upstairs which totally makes it feel put together now! Allison snapped some pictures throughout the day and one major bummer was we forgot to take good before pictures…#bloggingfail! Here is our day in pictures!! 

  I wasn’t kidding when I said ALL the Taco Bell… 

Some before pictures:         An embarrassing amount of boxes I had kept for NO good reason. Empty ugly Christmas sweater boxes from last year… WHY?!? So bad…  Bye bye Christmas!! 

After!!     Obsessed with my labeled boxes!!

This closet is huge… Allison and I can actually stand up in it.. And it was empty…Why??I have no good excuse! Allison fixed that and now it’s my favorite storage space!  Nick and I don’t have tools so we hung things up with our gigantic bottle opener! #resourceful 


Do any of you love organizing or have rooms/areas in your houses that need a little love like this? Ever since Saturday I have been in the mood for cleaning and have been organizing different parts of my house since. Gotta keep it going while I still want too!! Hope you guys are having a great day!! 


9 thoughts on “Being A Productive Badass

  1. Ahh! Best-feeling-ever!!! Love cleaning out my space. I am obsessed with that painting you hung up!! I’ve been on the hunt for something similar. And naturally, my favorite part of this post is the Taco Bell haul! 😂😂

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