When Did I Become An Adult? 

Happy Monday! I woke up this morning in the weirdest mood after having creepy dreams last night! I need ALL the coffee because I definitely still wish I was in bed. This year more than ever I am realizing something, I’M AN ADULT. When did that happen?? Little things have made me realize this lately and I thought I would share to see if any of you have been experiencing this as well.

-All the household duties are mine. If Nick or I don’t clean the house, it just won’t get done! It makes me realize just how organized my mom was because even with working full time and having two kids, our house always looked nice! I don’t have any kids and sometimes can hardly keep up with the laundry and dishes!

– Even my “Lazy Sundays” include grocery shopping, laundry and cooking for the week. Not only that but last night I did two loads of clothes and one of all our towels, and was PUMPED. I walked around the house telling Nick how awesome I was because everything was already done and put away.

– I keep having that feeling like I need to move. I’m young and should do this while I can! Although, really I could do this in the future and when I’m older but something makes me feel like I need to go now!

– I still stay up late on the weekends but sometimes I just CAN’T. Last Friday I was so exhausted I fell asleep by 11:00. I just literally couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore!

– I turn 25 this year and even though that’s still young its giving me this complex of “I need to figure my sh*t out”. I don’t like it!!

– This is new to me this year but I am getting the “When are you getting married” type questions WAY more! Also, two of my friends just got engaged, one is getting married this year, one is about to have a baby and one just told me she’s pregnant. That’s all happening for them and I’m usually just worried about what I’m going to be drinking on the weekends. I just cant believe that I’m at the age that this is all normal and happening way more! Also, that when people get pregnant now its because they actually planned it… WEIRDDDDD.

Have any of you been going through this?! Or have any of you had moments like this in your life where all of a sudden it feels very apparent that you are older?! I would love to hear!



12 thoughts on “When Did I Become An Adult? 

  1. Since I just turned 30 all I am going to say is……. DONT RUSH IT! what you are feeling is totally normal and everyone your age is starting to have these feelings. I actually wish I would of waited to have kids/get married but it is hard to think that way when everyone around you is poppin em out left and right lol – trust me, just enjoy the ride and enjoy being young 🙂

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    1. Awe thanks girl!! That is definitely where my head is at right now. Just loving what I am doing and not rushing into anything. Sometimes the work thing does get to me but not so much the relationship part of it. Glad to know I’m not the only one though 🙂

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  2. I agree with Brittany!! I’m only a couple of years older than you, but I’ve been having the same feelings for years!

    Once everyone started getting married and having kids after college — it was the weirdest thing! I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 years, and we still aren’t there yet. We both have a lot that we want to accomplish before settling down…but it doesn’t stop people from asking lol. For a while it bothered me a bit…I thought maybe we should just get married? But over the last year or two have I completely changed that tune! What am I rushing into marriage for?! Why not just embrace the fact that I have no one to really answer to or take care of but myself right now!?

    Do everything you want to do, don’t worry as much about the future. You have forever to be a wife/Mom and your 20’s are such significant growing years. Enjoy them and use them to learn/grow and become the best version of yourself! It’ll just make your future that much better! 🙂

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    1. Girl you are awesome! I am definitely in that same mind set right now. Even though the work thing gets to me sometimes and I feel like I need to figure it all out right now I know thats not really the case. I don’t feel as rushed when it comes to my relationship but people are always surprised by that. I am in no big rush, especially when it comes to kids. I just tell myself things happen when they should! Glad to know you have felt similar!

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