And The Rose Goes To…

It’s Wednesday and all I can think about today is how obsessed I am with the bachelor. Now, I get it! Some of you are like “YASSSS GIRL! ME TOO!” and some of you just gave me a major eye roll and well, I give myself the eye roll too! It is TOTALLY a guilty pleasure of mine, every Tuesday I get so excited for after work when I can watch and every Wednesday I sit at work thinking about how totally crazy some of those girls are!

Now to back up a bit, if you’ve never seen this show it is about a guy (the bachelor) who gets introduced to 25 woman and within a couple weeks? Months? goes on individual and group dates and narrows it down to one! All the women stay in a house together so its kind of like a vacation because they are not at home this whole time. At the end usually there is an engagement! Now like you’re probably thinking no this doesn’t always work. They pick someone and a couple months later are broken up. But for some, it has worked out! They also do The Bachelorette which is the same thing but only one woman and 25 men. As you can imagine the women get CRAZY and there are constantly tears! They also go on these amazing and extravagant dates that are super fun to watch! When I was younger, I always wanted to be on the show! My best friend and I just thought it would be so cool! Watching now, the girls on the show are actually my age and I’m SO happy I’m not on there. Just seems too intense and those girls can be mean! I of course also have some favorites that I am totally loving! I watch with my friends Allison and Tasja and we make a whole night of it! We pick a dinner to make and also have drinks! It just doesn’t get much better!

This season the bachelor is Ben Higgins and HELLO CUTIE! He is seriously the sweetest and I’m pretty sure we say “OMG I LOVE HIM” about 20 times during the show. Last week when we were watching we kept saying “Why is she doing that?!”. So I thought I would share some do’s and don’ts of the girls on the show and for any future Bachelor/ Bachelorette contestants reading 😉 I don’t have any real knowledge or experience about this but I thought it would be fun to give some advice from what I see sitting on my couch!

1) You are there for him and trying to make a relationship so you of course want to mainly focus on him, but you don’t need to be a b**ch to every other girl there. It just looks bad! Just be yourself and focus on your relationship and that’s it!

2) Don’t freak out so much when you aren’t on a date. Yeah of course you want to be on the date but hello you’re in a gorgeous mansion with a gigantic pool and alcohol. Live it up! Also, getting upset make you bitter, no girl is cute when she’s bitter!

3) Also, I always have to wonder, weren’t you prepared slightly for this? Sometimes I feel like these girls act like they’re surprised 24 other girls are there. I get it when you’re in the final 4 and it hurts seeing him with another when you feel like you really care for him but on the first night? Really? No way could you be that upset already!!

4) Make an impression but don’t go too crazy. Sometimes the things these girls do are literally cringe worthy!

5) DON’T GET TOO DRUNK! This is a big one. I love to drink yes, but hello! Time and place people! The first time you meet him and the few times you actually get to spend with him you may not want to be hammered!

6) Make sure to ask him questions. It’s not all about you girl!


I would love to hear if any of you are into this show and what you think!! Do you guys have any favorites??? Some of my favorites are Lauren B, Amanda, Caila, JoJo, Becca and Jubilee! My least favorites are Olivia and Amber!! **SPOILER ALERT** I also was not a fun of Lace but she is no longer a problem!


6 thoughts on “And The Rose Goes To…

    1. Yes it is!!!!! You must!! Make sure you start at the beginning of the season though so you can really get into it. And yes, the girls are CRAZY, but it’s amazing!!!


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