Fitness Friday #13: Music That Keeps Me Moving! 

Today is Fitness Friday and I could not be more pumped! Last week I had such an off week! Workout wise, I did better then the week before but mentally I was so scatter brained! That is part of the reason I only got one post up last week! Well, this week I feel so much better and it has been showing in my workouts!! I finally feel back to normal with a great eating schedule and workout schedule. I have consistently been sore this week which I know is good and have been trying new, fun workouts! I know I just need to keep the positivity going!

For Christmas, Nick got me new headphone and I have been loving them for my workouts! I wanted to share some of the songs I’ve been loving lately that keep my going! I also wanted to include a workout I found this week that absolutely KILLED me!


Allison and I completed this circuit at the gym together and both collapsed on the floor after. We also made a goal to complete an AB workout every single day! Even if we cant fit anything else in that day we have to do that! This was our first week doing this and I already feel a difference! Now here are some of my favorite songs!


Let me know if any of you guys are liking these as well or if you have any suggestions of some I should check out! I hope you guys are sticking with any goals you are setting for yourself! I know for me, its not always easy but it’s so worth it! Even though it was hard sometimes after work to find the energy, it made me feel so great sticking to it and now I feel like I have even more energy! You guys are motivating as well, the comments of encouragement and motivation are amazing! Happy Friday!!


6 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #13: Music That Keeps Me Moving! 

  1. Thanks for sharing your music! I’ll have to check it out, well except for Justin Beiber (I just can’t stand him haha.) I love adding new music to my workout playlists, such great motivation!

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    1. Yay! So happy you liked it! I love finding new music as well! And I don’t blame you, I’m not the biggest fan of Justin Bieber either buuuut his music is just so darn catchy haha


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