Friday Night Burger Creation!

This past weekend Nick and I decided to make it a whole date weekend! We wanted to keep it low key and relax together but also do something a little different. I had the idea this week (while at the gym) that I really wanted a burger! A local restaurant near us is always doing fun things like Taco Tuesday (BEST tacos ever) and on Wednesdays they do a deal for $18 that includes an amazing specialty burger they create that week, a glass of whisky and a full beer. YUM. Some specialty burgers have been a chili cheese burger, PB&J burger, and a burger topped with pulled pork and onion straws with a spicy aioli. Seriously it’s SO.GOOD. I wish I could go every week but my body and wallet wouldn’t like that very much! So this week, since I had been craving those, I thought I would try and create my own copy cat meals! Nick and I have really been trying to watch what we eat (with the exception of some taco bell and pizza…whoops!) so I thought this was perfect! Nick picked up a growler from our favorite place to really make it feel like we were there and I got to cooking! It was super fun to experiment and try to make something new! To keep it healthier I made a couple easy changes like lean meat, low sodium bacon, reduced fat cheese and fat free milk. This was definitely still a treat but since I made it at home, I was able to watch the portions and what was going into it. If you want to try these burgers out here is the link to the recipe I followed. In the recipe it calls for putting blue cheese inside the burger but I skipped that step! Not a huge fan!

This was everything for the burgers: 


I made the DUMMIST mistake while cooking. The top of my pepper shaker was loose and I had forgotten and went to shake it on the meat and ALL the pepper fell out. FAIL! Luckily I was able to shake most of it off. It did give us a pretty good laugh though!! 

Here is the final product!! I made a whiskey glaze, beer cheese and topped it with some onion rings I found at the store! It was so delicious!  


Do you guys ever try and recreate your favorite meals? I would love to hear some of your favorites! I will definitely be making these again!! 


6 thoughts on “Friday Night Burger Creation!

  1. Whenever i recreate my own meals i waste $30 on ingredients and end up spending $26 ordering in because it tastes like gross af! It’s like the don’t ever dye your own hair blond rule after high school. Just spend the $250. You will anyways!

    On a brighter note your burger looks delicious and I’m glad u had a good weekend. Props to your burger!

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    1. Thanks girl!! I was pleasantly surprised how it turned out!! I was a little worried with the cheese sauce! I totally know what you mean though and it is SUCH a bummer spending all that time and money and not having it turn out.

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