Things That Make Me Feel Like A Horrible Person: Part 2!

These are some of my favorite posts to do!! If you didn’t see my last one check it out here! So funny thinking about little things we do during the day that make me re think and go “Why do I do that?!” Haha. – When I go to the bathroom and notice the toilet paper is almost gone, so I make do with using less so I don’t have to replace it!

– If I see someone I know in a store and I don’t feel like talking to them or being noticed (either because I haven’t seen them in a long time and it’s awkward or I look just awful and only went out to grab one thing!) I will literally do every in my power to not be seen, and if they do see me I act surprised like I never saw them!

– Just like the toilet paper one, if I see the coffee at work doesn’t have that much left I will only take a little so there is still some left. Then I don’t have to make the next pot! #evil

– I’m 50/50 on if I will tell someone they have food in there teeth or if what they are wearing is see through. It’s just too awkward sometimes!! Especially when they eventually notice and say “How come you never told me?!” My reply is oh I never noticed…

Let me know if any of you guys have ever done any of these or what some of your moments are! I know we all have them! Happy Wednesday!!:)


14 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Feel Like A Horrible Person: Part 2!

  1. Lol seriously i love this! I’m thinking of doing one but I’m not sure if I should share me secrets Hahaha! You can totally tell me i have food in my teeth and it won’t be awkward ;D

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